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Clouds and Moon by cajobif Clouds and Moon :iconcajobif:cajobif 7 10
Just a few more days.... (MLP short story)
It was a bright sunny morning in Ponyville. The birds were singing, the town was awakening and in Twilight's castle, the purple bibliophile princess just finished her third book since last evening with a yawn.
"Wow. That was so worth it. Mmm. W-what time is it?" she said with a confused voice.
"It's past seven." Spike replied with a stern voice from the door frame, arms crossed.
The surprise awoke the pony slightly. "Spike?"
"Ugh! You did it again? You know that you're not a student anymore Twilight?" he said with a fatherly tone.
She let a sigh. "I know Spike." She began to stretch by raising her fore hooves in the air.
"And yet you break your sleeping cycle over and over again." he said while approaching the purple mare with uncrossed arms.
"Wait! What do you know about sleeping cycle?" she asked, sounding half asleep.
"I know that it's not good for you and I read it in one of your book." Twilight rolled her eyes. "Also you drink coffee so much that I had to buy a second bag yesterda
:iconcajobif:cajobif 5 4
Fresh Spring Evening Snow by cajobif Fresh Spring Evening Snow :iconcajobif:cajobif 1 0
Guard Your Ears (MLP story)
In visit in Canterlot, Twilight Cadance were trotting and wandering around in the halls of the castle, waiting for princess Celestia to end her daily day court. Two royal guards of the respectively of the day and the night were chatting of the ins and out of the castles, rumors and gossips aplenty.
"I'm telling you! That mare is trouble! We caught her four times this month trying to intrude! Four times!" The batpony guard chuckled.
"You think this is trouble? We found out that two of our guards were flying off their duty and do you know why?"
The guard kept his gaze in front of him. "No? For doughnuts?" The batpony guard laughed. "What? What did I say?"
"We sent four of our guys to follow them and they caught them in the nastiest place inside Canterlot."
"Huh? What part of Canterlot? The aristocrats?" The bat guard put a hoof on his friends muzzle.
"Keep it down! If they would have heard what you just said..." The batpony removed his hoof.
"What? Do you have any idea how nasty these ri
:iconcajobif:cajobif 1 3
Double or Nothin (MLP Mane6 short story)
Rarity: Well? Who's following?
Pinkie Pie: I smell something fishy. And it's not my special tuna cupcake, because I stopped making any for all the complaints I got.
Applejack: Ah don't know. Twi's been winning for ten straight play so far. That's not normal.
Rainbow Dash: Hey, AJ? Scared to lose again?
AJ: Ya know what ah meant.
RD: Yeah, yeah... Let just say that she got a good teacher.
Twilight switched a card from her hoof.
AJ: That's why ah'm afraid.
Twilight: Applejack. It's not like as I learned to cheat of anything. In fact, I-
RD: Hey Twilight! What you gonna do with your winnings?
T: Well, the girl scouts need some funding, so-
RD: What?!
T: What?
RD: You're going to give away all those bits?
T: Rainbow, those piece are not even worth a bit. Right?
R: Twilight, darling, why do you think we feel so tense?
T: What?! Nopony told me!
RD: So what? You're winning anyway. And since I helped you-
T: Dash. I learned from a book about the winning ways of Poker. We played together and be
:iconcajobif:cajobif 3 3
Kindergarten (MLP Chrysalis short story)
Chrysalis: Hello little one. Welcome in this world.
Changeling: ...
The offspring remained quiet and stared at her.
Ch: Awww... You look so adorable. Like all your brothers and sisters. Did you know what you all look alike so you would be all considered as equal?
C: ....
It kept staring.
Ch: That's right. It's unlike all those stupid and colorful ponies who are so different from each others and fight over it. We all look equal. Except mommy.
C: ...
Still no sound.
Ch: But we don't want them to fight don't we? No. We are feeding on their love. Do you know what is love, little one?
C: ...
It shook its head.
Ch: It is the emotion I'm sharing with you at this moment. I would do anything for my little ones.
She kissed the fragile being on its horn.
Ch: And I mean anything. I deceived, I stole, I destroyed and I killed so many of my.. I mean our foes so you would all live. I suffered for your well-being. Do you know why?
It shook its head again.
Ch: Because mommy loves you and your brothers
:iconcajobif:cajobif 6 2
Luna's Bad dreams (MLP short story)
Luna: *shivers*
Celestia: Luna? What's wrong?
L: I... I had a bad dream...
C: Aww... Don't worry little sister, it was only a dream...
L: It... it wasn't mine.
C: Huh? What do you mean?
L: I... I saw the dream of another pony, big sister.
C: What? How... how is it possible?
L: I-I DON'T KNOW! *sob*
C: Calm down. There must be an explanation about this. Is it the first time?
L: N-no.
C: What? Luna!
L: What?
C: Why haven't you told me about this before?
L: B-because...
C: Yes?
L: B-because I was scared that you or mother would ground me...
C: Ground you for what?
L: For... going into other ponies' dreams... and...
C: And?
L: .... telling others their secrets?
C: Oh. I see.
L: Tia! I feel so bad.
C: Oh Luna. Don't be. You haven't made anything wrong.
L: Uh...
C: Please, don't tell me...
L: Well....
C: Luna? What have you done?
L: It's... It's not my fault!
C: What have you done? I mean beside visiting others' dre... Wait! Have you been visiting mines?
L: NO! Why? Are they scary?
C: Uh....
:iconcajobif:cajobif 1 10
Discord x Celestia: Gifts (MLP short story)
Discord: I got something special for you... And it's not just friendship this time.
Celestia: I... I'm so sorry for the last time.
D: That's okay. Once you look at what I got you-
C: You know... You've been so nice recently. You listened, you remained sincere with me and Fluttershy.... on different degree of course...
D: Cellie?
C: Yes, Discord?
D: Would you like to open this box-
C: Of course, some guards and... Luna got doubts about two of us becoming... ahem... very close friends. I mean.... very, very close friends...
D: Ugh...
C: ... and after being alone for so long... I forgot how wonderful it was to have very special.... s-somepony in my life and-
C: Yes?
D: If you don't open your present, can I open mine? Please?
C: Oh! O-of course! Here.
Discord let his gift floating while he took the wrapped box, pulled the ribbon and unwrapped it and open the lid. He found a cut piece of Celestia's mane in it.
D: W-what's this?
C: Um. I-I thought you would.... love to... *blushes*
:iconcajobif:cajobif 6 2
The Equestrian Cataclysm (MLP short)
First part:
Pinkie: I guess this is time for celebrations girls. I got a huge cake at the Sugarcube Corner waiting for us.
Twilight: Uh, are we even sure that we actually won?
Rarity: I guess we won by default. I think. Aww... Rainbow, don't be so sad. I know that you are disappointed, but you'll have your epic fight one day.
Rainbow Dash: *sniff* That would have been so awesome Rare. W-what am I supposed to say to Scootaloo now? Are we so this amazing that even the biggest and scariest foes are afraid to fight us?
T: Huh?
Applejack: Uh, Dash?
R: Better hush. It's not worth the effort to reason her.
RD: Is there a way to make us less powerful so they would actually fight us?
T: What? Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind?
R: *sigh* I warned you.
Applejack: So, you want us next time to leave you take care of it all by yourself? Miss Awesome?
RD: Huh? Can you do that?
Twilight, Applejack, Rarity: NO!!!
:iconcajobif:cajobif 2 5
Fly to the dream (MLP short)
Luna: ... and you say that Twilight Sparkle is your friend?
Trixie: Of course she is. Trixie is friend with every princess in Equestria.
L: Then, how come I never heard of you before?
T: Your highness, I'm shocked! Such a important and powerful pony as yourself should know me by now!
L: I've been gone for a thousand years if I have to remind you. But I never heard of you before.... Wait! Twilight talked about you into one of her friendship report a long time ago.
T: See? We are very clo-
L: She was talking about a mare who attempted to take control of Ponyville by tyranny and with the help of a forbidden artifact. And her description fits you...
T: Well... You see... She probable also wrote that I learned a valuable lesson... and... and helped her finish her show with fireworks?
L: So, it was you. The pony who pretended to have defeated the Ursa Major?
T: B-but it was just for-
L: Want to fight it for real? Miss impostor?
T: WHAT?! Where are we?
L: At the entrance of its cave.
T: W-w-w
:iconcajobif:cajobif 1 0
PIRS - Protections are for fillies (MLP short)
Rainbow Dash: Urgh! Why I'm even skating? It's so much slower than flying! And I can't get scratched and have to wear those stupid "protections" when I dodge the clouds.
Twilight: Come on, Dash. Don't you want to show us how "dangerous" you are on these?
RD: Yeah. I saw Cadance over there how "dangerous" she can be.
Cadence: Hey!
T: Hey! Don't bring her up here! She tried albeit getting hurt. Unlike you who've been there for five minutes.
RD: I don't care! Just remove these... "skates" from my hooves. My wings are already itching for lack of flying.
T: *sigh* You are disapointing me, Rainbow.
RD: Yeah, yeah. Nice try. Skates. Off. Now!
T: No. Really! You keep doing reckless and dangerous things that we can't do.
C: Hey! I can do reckless and dangerous things too!
RD: Ha! Yeah, right.
C: I did stopped and defeated Sombra did I?
RD: With the help of Spike.
C: What? He only-
T: Enough! Dash! Are you going to skate or not?
T: Good!
RD: Remove me those stupid protections, then I wil
:iconcajobif:cajobif 0 0
Searching Answers... (MLP short story)
Luna was going deeper in the cave, worried about what she may find inside. Days ago, ponies reported they heard screams coming deep from it without even daring investigating themselves the source of the screeches.
"Why should I be the one investigating? We have so many experts on the matter! Are they so afraid that an humongous beast could be the cause of those screams?" the princess thought, while shifting her light around for finding only walls of rocks, stalagmites and stalactites. "Strange." she said with a frown. "I don't see any bats around. This cave should be full on them. I guess I'll have to cross them off my list of usual suspects. 'Tis would have been a mystery so much easier to solve. Alas, it ain't the case. So, where they gone?"
The princess kept on walking deeper in the pitch black cave. No sound, except the noise of dripping water and wind. She drooped her head sighted. "I've
:iconcajobif:cajobif 0 0
Drinking Contest (MLP crossover short story)
Link: The.... the last one w-w-who stands will... will....*hic* will ride the loser!
Epona: I... I... like this idea... *hic* I-I-I was sick and tired to be your ride...
L: Hehehe... Y-you will *hic* r-remain my-
E: W-w-w-wait!
L: W-what?
E: Uh... You meant r-riding...
She gesture her back with a hoof.
L: On its back, yeah. Hehehe...
He suddenly realized what she made allusion. His eyes widdens in shock. He then stared at Epona.
L: W-what did *burp* you had in mind?
E: Uh... Hey! I'm a *burp* I'm a mare and it-it wouldn't have been fair, then.
L: I... I better win this...
E: B-b-b-but I can still... *hic* find a way... Hehehe...
L: (in his mind) I must win this!
An hour later.
Zelda: *sigh* You drank again don't you?
L: Y-y-y-yep. *burp*
Z: Eww! You smell like... vomit and cheap ale... Why are you alone? Aren't supposed to be with Epona?
L: W-w-w-wha- Huh? W-w-where is she?
:iconcajobif:cajobif 0 0
Last dream (MLP short)
Celestia: Luna! What's wrong, little sister?
Luna: *sniff* I-I... even after all those centuries I still can't bear it...
C: Bearing what, Luna?
L: Tonight, I stumbled upon a very old pony... in fact she was to her last breath...
C: What happened?
Luna wiped her eyes with a hoof.
C: Calm down and take a deep breath. I will patiently wait.
The lunar mare remained silent until she broke the silence after five minutes.
L: I was on my duty, when I felt urgency upon this mare. I strangely felt no presence of nightmares in her mind, so not was my surprise when I found out she was calling me while having one of the most wonderful dream I could ever imagined.
C: Really?
L: I... One of the most.
C: Go on.
L: So... When I came along... She was looking at me with a smile. Waiting. She gestured to come closer but remained quiet. She looks so old. So... used, tired... but still brighting like a young filly.
C: Some old ponies are
:iconcajobif:cajobif 1 1
Ultima ratio of Emperor (MLP short story)
"You harmed too many of my subjects Chrysalis!  Time for your reign to cease!"
"This, not a fatal wound and you know it! The next will and so end your life! This is over Chrysalis! There are no remaining love for you to use to enhance your magical power now! And nopony around for-"
Chrysalis stumbled and fought to remained still. But in the middle of the heat she.... laugh.
-You... *pant*  think that I haven't planned any- *wince* anything in case this.... this would happen? *cough* cough*
Celestia remained rigid, but alert, keeping her gaze upon the queen, her lance targeting her chest.
-Y-you... you are a FOOL! *cough cough* I have thousand of changeling hidden r-right *gasp* under us...  at this moment....
Celestia closed her eyes and shook her head.
"No. They are dead."
-W-what?!? You... *cough* you are LYING!!! You think that.... *cough cough* I would... *panting* bel
:iconcajobif:cajobif 0 0
Eyes of the Forest (MLP short story)
"Be strong Fluttershy.... b-be strong! There are not bat who feed on blood who lives here. There are no vampires whatsoever! They don't exist.... they don't exist... T-they are just fruit bats t-that's all.... Well... I-I hope they are..."
"AHHHH! *panting* T-they are just a-angr- er, I mean hungry... It's fall and the food is sparse in this period of the year. They are looking at you b-because they are c-curious. Be brave Fluttershy. Be bra-"
"EEEEEEK!!! Oh! I wish that Rainbow was here... I hate to be alone in this part of the forest..."
Fluttershy stopped walking. Despite her hard breathing, she took a deep breath and turned to face them.
Then, the yellow pegasus shielded her face with her wings for
:iconcajobif:cajobif 0 2


Gallus hates christmas by brother-lionheart Gallus hates christmas :iconbrother-lionheart:brother-lionheart 113 13 Rockhoof and a Hard Place by Darksly-z Rockhoof and a Hard Place :icondarksly-z:Darksly-z 35 3 Pinkiepie  quick drawing by stratodraw Pinkiepie quick drawing :iconstratodraw:stratodraw 52 3 One With Nature by VanillaGhosties One With Nature :iconvanillaghosties:VanillaGhosties 228 17 Pony portrait commission by Hikerumin Pony portrait commission :iconhikerumin:Hikerumin 17 2 Autumn Blaze by Weird--Fish Autumn Blaze :iconweird--fish:Weird--Fish 84 4 [Commission] The First Taste of Autumn by dSana [Commission] The First Taste of Autumn :icondsana:dSana 650 35 S8E22 - Princess Smolder by luminaura S8E22 - Princess Smolder :iconluminaura:luminaura 208 15 Forgotten forest path (comm) by Koviry Forgotten forest path (comm) :iconkoviry:Koviry 111 11 { Begone, foeman! } by PorcelanowyOkular { Begone, foeman! } :iconporcelanowyokular:PorcelanowyOkular 132 17 Dragon and the Dress by AssasinMonkey Dragon and the Dress :iconassasinmonkey:AssasinMonkey 800 37 Rainbow Dash by xbi Rainbow Dash :iconxbi:xbi 84 6 Tempest by oracionne Tempest :iconoracionne:oracionne 43 9 Babysittin' by compassrose0425 Babysittin' :iconcompassrose0425:compassrose0425 40 3 Marble Pie by Darksly-z Marble Pie :icondarksly-z:Darksly-z 46 14 pear butter by bunxl pear butter :iconbunxl:bunxl 58 5


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This is the last part of the summary of last year's images where I left a short stories in their comment sections.

I also have the regret to inform you that this is my LAST UPDATE. So, I'd like to thank everyone who followed me and those who supported me all those years. Feel no guilt to Unwatch me.

I may stop, but there are so many MLP fanfics and comics out there to be discovered, drawn and written by talented artists and writers. It was fun writing these stories, though.









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