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Inception: Totem Challenge

"A totem is a small object that only you are intimately familiar with, that you can have on you all the time. It must be unique. This object helps you establish that you're in reality, and not in a dream."
This is a tag from :iconsavari07: I have yet to see Inception but I will very soon! =D

Ok bracelets are veryyyyy important to me. They each have a story of their own...From the top!

W.W.J.D= What Would Jesus Do...I've had this since I was 8 all of my older siblings had it and it was passed down to me. =D
Pink&Orange Pipe Cleaner= Boredom in Child Development made bracelets for everyone that day and my teacher started getting angry at us until I presented her with a bracelet of her I haven't seen her without it since!
The White One= It says LIVE THE CAUSE it's another Jesus bracelet. I means Live to teach others about Jesus. =D
The Yellow One= It says Support Our Troops. That's for my brother, brother-in-law, & sister who are in the Army. =D
The Bead One= You can't really see this one that well, but my best friends grandmother from Spain hand made this one. She has carpal tunnel syndrome, which makes it extremely painful & hard to do things like making a bracelet. I will treasure it forever. =D
The Toe Tie Bracelet= My best friend made this for me and she has the exact same one. We've never taken them off since freshman year! =D

PS I've never taken these off...=D
PPS If I had to choose just one, it'd be my W.W.J.D bracelet because I've had that one the longest! =D
Now, I tag everyone who comments this!!! =D Dooo Ittt
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It's funny because Inception is an atheist movie.
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Dude, I love the history behind the WWJD bracelet - that it got passed down through your family! Wicked nice. AND DAMN RIGHT SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. My cousin's in the Navy.

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=D Gracias!! Yup and I have 3 sisters and a brother before me! What's weird is that My oldest sister is 10 years older then me...=D
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Love how you did the colour. I should have done that!
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=D Thanks! It's just they're sooo colorful!! :iconimhappyplz:
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Very much so! Though, now that I think about it, mine isn't that colourful, so there wouldn't be much of a difference. Now I wish I could just see the movie!
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=D Oh gosh!! I really want to see it! All of my friends have said that it's the best movie they've seen this year! =D I might drag someone to it!
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It left our theater already :( I have to wait for the DVD release. :(
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Ohh that sucks...more anticipation!! =D
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Sure... HTTYD comes out in October and Iron Man 2 in September.
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=D Sweet! They're coming up!!
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