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I was losing my cool. I really was. One moment we were in the Cave arguing by the pool, the next I had her laying on the ground, my body over hers and my hands on her chest. It was one of our typical arguments. I don't really remember what we were screaming about, but it ended with me pushing her into the water and walking out. I ended up forgetting my backpack and had to go back in and retrieve it, which meant I had to face her wrath. To my surprise she wasn't in the room anymore, which was strange, because to my quick calculations she should be stomping away to the doors. I didn't know why I couldn't see her because, I always see her. It wasn't until a second later her body plopped up onto the surface, face down, that I dove in right then and there with my shoes still tied and my sweater zipped. I didn't care; the only thing on my mind was saving that infuriating, annoying, stupid, girl's life. I had her out of the water in seconds and she wasn't breathing or coughing at all. I placed my hands on her chest and started thumping. After about five of those I pinched her nose and blew into her mouth. I started with the thumps again, but this time she started coughing. I grabbed hold of her arm, raised it above her head and turned her on her side. She coughed out what seemed like a gallon of water, but that was just because I was frantic and worried. It was then that I noticed the blood that was dripping down her forehead. It was a good sized gash, I don't even know how deep, but it was flowing with blood. She sat up with a groan and looked around. My hand moved to her back and kept her steady as she came back into reality.

"What just happened?" She asked.

I stopped her from standing, "You decided to go almost drown yourself. Don't stand. You're bleeding."

She gave me a glare, "I decided to drown myself?"

I looked away and swallowed, "Look, I didn't mean to…"

"Didn't mean to? Wally! You pushed me into the water!" She glared.

"It was the shallow end!" My arms spread wide to make my point more clear.

"Yes, and I hit my head on the bottom!" She swayed a little.

I looked down with shame and put my hand behind her back again, "Look, that wasn't one of my better ideas." She gave me a look as if to say, you think. "And I'm sorry."

She blinked and raised her eyebrows, "Yeah, yeah." She started to stand.

When she did she started to sway again I said, "I don't think that's a good idea." I took hold of her arm, "Here," I tucked one arm under her knees and had my other support her back, "I'll take you to the infirmary."

"Wally, don't run."

"Huh?" She stared at me with blood starting to make its way into her hair.

"Don't run. I feel really," she blinked and stared up at Wally with glossy eyes, "dizzy," and her head flopped against my chest.

I panicked a little bit, "Hey, Artemis, stay with me. Stay awake, okay Arty."

I quickly made my way to the infirmary where I pressed a small button to signal one of our den mothers. Luckily it was Red Tornado who strode in to the medical center, he wouldn't ask many questions or make many assumptions. I informed him what happened, leaving out the part where I pushed her into the pool. He checked out the cut and informed us that Artemis would need stitches. Red Tornado said that because of where the cut was he could not give the normal shots that would numb her, so he gave her morphine to take away the pain. And because of legal purposes, I was subjected to stay while the robot administered the medication and applied the stitches.

It was a few minutes passed the time when Red gave her the medication that she started speaking like she was out of it, "Wally?"


"I'm sorry for calling you an unskilled jerk." She sighed.

"It's okay, Arty." I smiled at her loopy sigh. She stopped talking then and just stared out into space. Red Tornado finished up her stitches and left me to care for her until she fell asleep.

"Because," She started again, "you aren't unskilled. You have running skills, science skills, charisma skills." She gave a small giggle, "well maybe not charisma, but you can talk to people." She sighed again, "I feel funny. Wally…"

"Yeah, Arty?"

She stared off into the distance with a look of concentration on her face.

"Arty?" She still didn't respond, "Hey, beautiful, can you hear me?"

"Wally, the shadows," she looked off into the corner of the room.

I looked at her in confusion, "What about the shadows, babe?"

"They won't leave me. Make them go away. Wally, save me. Please save me." She looked at me now, there were unshed tears in her eyes and her lip was quivering.

"Artemis, there is nothing there. You're safe." I placed my hand over hers.

"They're always there, Wally. They never leave me. They'll never go away. They're always watching and waiting for me to mess up. Then they hurt me. It's not fair." She was frantic now as tears ran down her cheeks, "Why does it have to be me? I just want to do good, to be good. I don't want the shadows to be a part of me. I don't want-"

"Hey, hey, beautiful. It's okay. Shhh…" I moved next to her on the mattress and put my arm around her, "It's okay, you're save. I'll keep you safe. I promise. It's okay, babe. It's okay. Shhh…"

She quieted down and laid her head against my chest. The last thing I heard her say before she fell asleep was, "Kid Flash, my hero."

I smiled at that and dozed off.

And when we woke up, I told her that she, in her drugged state, insisted that she sleep next to the Wallman.
=D I\'m happy with this.
I believe that Wally becomes a softy when anyone becomes scared or frantic. That\'s why I have him calling her babe and beautiful. Because I think he believes it\'ll calm them down.
=D Kk bye!
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