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"Hello Meagan!" I walked into the TV room where the beautiful green girl sat in her cute little red outfit.

"Oh, hi Wally," She said with a smile.

"Babe," I plopped down next to her, "What are you and your beautiful emerald hands making for dinner?"

She giggled her sweet innocent laugh, "Um…I haven't decided yet. What would you like," I was about to answer her with one word, 'tacos,' when she finished the question with a name, "Superboy?"

I looked behind me and saw the clone standing behind the couch. How such a big, almost angry all the time, guy could walk into a room and not even be noticed is beyond me. I mean how did they even clone Superman anyway? How did they get his DNA? Did they just pluck a hair while fighting? I mean it's not like they could draw blood, because of the whole, 'nothing can puncture his skin,' deal. I wonder if Superman when he was Supey's age was as angry as him. I wonder if it's hereditary or if Supey just naturally hates life.

I looked at Meagan and her luscious lips were moving, wait what was she saying? I probably started listening, because she was looking straight at me with a question in her eyes.

"Wait. What?" I looked at her dumfounded.

"I asked if you wanted to go out for dinner," Her white teeth radiated from her green skin.

"Yeah baby, we can get a table alone just for the two of us and you can wear something beautiful and I could get you some flowers and then we can go back to my house and-"

"She meant with all of us, as a team, Fabio." That voice, it spoke. With it's malice and flowing bitch tone.


"We're leaving in fifteen," Meagan said as she stood and smiled down at me, "If you want to go."

"But…where are we going?"

"Haven't decided that yet," Robin walked into the room.

"Dude, you weren't even in here. How did you know we were going anywhere?"

"I have my ways, man. I have my ways," He cackled and walked out of the room to inform Kaldur of our plans.  

"You know you're ridiculous, right?" She was still there! Why didn't she leave to go get makeup or do stuff like that?

"Babe, if I was half as ridiculous as you I wouldn't be here."

"That made no sense, Baywatch," She rolled her eyes and walked away. With…a sashay…but why?
Here's the second to this...[link]
So yeah...It's not much, but that's all my mind would let me write, before it shut down the creativity station. =D
Love ya lots my little readers! =D <3
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*sigh* Cadmus got the DNA sample from remaining blood after Superman had died fighting Doomsday. Gees, do your research.
caitymae1992's avatar
Wally doesn't really do research when it isn't absolutely necessary. At least the Wally that I write about doesn't. haha
crimsoninsight97's avatar
Well I just thought that you were unaware since it's not like a widely known fact amongst people.
caitymae1992's avatar
Oh haha yeah...I look up a lot of things I don't know. =)