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caitlins actions.

Action may not look good on every type of photo, and it's mainly designed for portraits.

Love to see what you do with them, have fun :flowerpot:

Will people please tell me if these work properly, because they were quite rushed I only checked them on my pc once saved.

:) Thanks.

Made on Adobe Photoshop CS3
© 2009 - 2021 CaitlinWorthington
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Love it thank you :)
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Awesome actions! Thanks!
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It seems they don't work with a idfferent language version of PS. I'm using PS CS3 Extended german version and it says it can't find a layer called "background..." at some step and cancels the action :(
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-can i use it in pse 10? :)
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i must say, i really like the soft musk works really well for street and urban shots!
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They work great! thanks I cannot wait to start using them..
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Thanks for sharing your amazing free actions with us. We have showcased your amazing Photoshop actions in my roundup and I hope that you will like them. To download these action people will visit your page, So you can get full credits.

500+ Free Photoshop Actions For Photographers.

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awamazing:love: thanks for sharing!!:D
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Thanks for sharing!
On "Fill" steps PS says "Could not complete the command because the selected area is empty" How do I fix this?
They work spot on, very good job. Keep on good work. Thanks
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can i ask you something please . its my first time i do this, i mean download action. im using pcs3 unfortunaltely :( and i have no idea how to do this thing. can you pleeeasee give me some help over here ? thank youu
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Superbe Boulot ;)
Can I ask a very very very stupid question, but how do you run the action in Photoshop CS5?
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put the action in C:\Users\USERNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Presets\Actions

Open Photoshop then press Alt+F9 to bring up the actions panel. In the actions panel there are two buttons in the top right corner, press the second button then "Load Actions..." Load the action you downloaded.

P.S. AppData is a hidden folder, if you are using Windows then open the start menu and type: %appdata% then press enter. This is a MUCH faster way to get there. Hope this helps!
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