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Recently, a lot of people have been showing interest in my avatars, specifically in commissioning one for themselves.  So, I decided to post a list of my prices.  And, yes, I do take points.  :la:

Note: all dollar amounts are in USD


BlackM3sh Avatar -Comm- by CaitieBerry Blues-Harley Avatars -Trade- by CaitieBerry Autumn Avatar by CaitieBerry

:bulletwhite: Static: $3 / 240 :points:
:bulletwhite: Animated (basic): $5 / 400 :points:
:bulletwhite: Animated (complex): $7 / 560 :points:
:bulletwhite: Double Avatar: + $2 / 160 :points:

"Basic" means most of the animations you see in my gallery.  I get the final say on what is "basic" and what is "complex".

Cell Shaded:

Autumn Day by CaitieBerry

:bulletwhite: Base: $10 / 800 :points:
:bulletwhite: Additional Character: + $5 / 400 :points:
:bulletwhite: Complex BG: + $5 / 400 :points:

Digital Art:

Cherry Is The New Strawberry by CaitieBerry

:bulletwhite: Base: $15 / 1200 :points:
:bulletwhite: Additional Character: + $5 / 400 :points:
:bulletwhite: Complex BG: + $10 / 800 :points:

FYI, the point value is the exact same as the dollar value.  Note me with any questions!  :aww:

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PonyPainterMaddie's avatar
I must say, your pixel art is wonderful, I'm gonna ask about art trades, if you're available that is. :>
Blues-Eyes's avatar
May I get a double avatar/icon set? ouo
CaitieBerry's avatar
Disregard, posted in the wrong place. :blush:
CaitieBerry's avatar
Sorry I didn't see this; I haven't been on devART that much recently, and I've been out of town. I'd be more than happy to do a double avatar set! :aww:  What did you have in mind?
Blues-Eyes's avatar
No worries!
I'd like something of my girlfriend ( and I ( Feel free to play with poses, and all that. I know it'll look awesome.~

Sorry if I didn't explain enough. x_X Just lemme know what other info is needed. -Crawls off to bed.-
CaitieBerry's avatar
I'm so sorry, Rachael. I haven't been arting very much recently, so I haven't been on dA. And I totally forgot that you had asked a commission from me! If you still want it, it's free.

Your links are broken. I find a link to your Mookie here, but I'm not sure about your girlfriend. Do you want me to do GummybearsXD's Voyage or Tukiji, or something completely different?
Blues-Eyes's avatar
It's perfectly fine, I understand! I'm sorry for taking forever and a year to reply. xD

I do still want it. ouo I'm willing to pay full price for it, though. ;w;

She must have removed the link on her old account. xD My apologizes. Here: c8
CaitieBerry's avatar
Thank you very much, dear! :heart:

So I have a double icon with your Mookie and her Voyage, correct? Still want it whatever, or do you have something in mind?
Blues-Eyes's avatar
No, thank you. <3

Yes. c8 Feel free to do whatever you wish. I know it'll look amazing.~ Just have fun with it. 83
coydogs's avatar
May I get a Static Pixel .? (:
CaitieBerry's avatar
Absolutely! :aww: What did you have in mind?
nicolushka's avatar
Can I have an Art Trade? :-)
CaitieBerry's avatar
Not right now, I'm trying to get back into deviantART! Sorry it took so long to reply; I haven't been on much recently. Right now I'm just trying to reconnect to the whole art scene.
nicolushka's avatar
Welcome Back, friend! <3
nicolushka's avatar
I think about it! Your amazing!
Microdigit's avatar
D: HOLY PRIMUS!!!!! I can't send you money cause i'm like 17 (my mom would kill me if did -_-) and I don't have any points!!! TT_TT
CaitieBerry's avatar
Lt-Vesper's avatar
As soon as I get some cash I'm commissioning you! Your art is amazing! :iconcryforeverplz:
CaitieBerry's avatar
Thank you! :love: Can't wait to hear from you.
FlanHeart101's avatar
Aww, I wish I had points now...:cry:
Alenda-Adoptions's avatar
May I do an art trade with you ? :meow: I really need new icon ! xD
CaitieBerry's avatar
Yes, sure! :aww: I can't do anything too complicated, though; I have a lot going on right now. :ohnoes:
Alenda-Adoptions's avatar
Thank you~ No , It'll not be complicated ! x3 Do you draw horses ?
And btw. , what do you want me to draw for you ? :meow:
CaitieBerry's avatar
I draw horses okay. But I have done them before, and it should be fine in avatar format. I'd love something of my character Ivy: [link]
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