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Fear: You can never get rid of me completely.  I'm part of your very nature; a part of you that makes you human.  For now, I might just be a notion in your mind or a tiny patch of frost in the pit of your stomach waiting for the chance to grow.  After all, it doesn't take much to wake me from this dormant state.  One unnerving sight and I can take hold of you, seeping into your blood, chilling your mind, yet sharpening your senses.  I know you hate me, the way I make you feel.  I see it when you hide me away. The way you smile on the outside while I can feel the sweat on your palms and beat of your heart.  You know, you couldn't survive without me.  That is why I'm built into your very being.  Without my whisper of common sense- or perhaps over-caution- nothing would stop you from leaping off the bridge of sanity.  You may hate me like an unwelcome parasite, but the truth is you need me.

Anger: It is strange, the way I'm your go-to man, the one you reach for first when things don't go your way.  You don't seem to realize how much I love to terrorize you.  You don't notice that it is my fault.  When I have my way, I'll burst from your soul.  Like a house fire, I burn through everything you care for, everyone who cares for you.  All the while, I keep a wall of my fire around your reason, your common sense.  Of course, I don't always get my way.  You might be able to keep me in and away from what you love.  However, do not worry.  I have my ways inside you too.  My contained inferno will focus around your heart and slowly burn that squishy thing into a lump of coal.  I can evaporate the love, the mercy and the hope.  Now that I tell you this, will you still choose me first?

Relief: I may seem small and unsuspecting, but when I arrive fear flees.  My gentle rivers and warm breezes are enough to melt the ice and extinguish the flames.  In your veins, I drain the adrenaline and in your heat, I slow the beat.  I never stick around for long, only long enough to check up on you and relieve you of your fears.  You're not the only one with fear and worries and I cannot hold them all off for long.  Soon after I arrive, I flow out as quickly as I came.  The whole world could use a taste of my sweet waters when fear coexists with daily life.  You're just lucky that I decided to pay you a visit when so many others need a drink.
CSSSA application assignment D. Three paragraphs describing the emotions fear, anger and relief.
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May 21, 2011
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