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The blinds in Robert Jeffery's hospital room glowed orange as the sun set behind them.  Only the beeping of the EKG machine filled the silence, and even that was growing sparse.  Jeffery knew that his time had come. He knew that he would die alone in a drab hospital room, picturing a tombstone reading "R. Jeffery 1961-2009".  So, naturally, Jeffery was surprised when a strange man walked into his room on the evening of his death.  The man was dressed like he had just stepped out of a court room and held the same calm expression on his face that the doctors had when they told Jeffery of his cancer.

"What do you want?" demanded Jeffery.

"I've just come to pay you a visit.  I won't be long," said the man as he settled down into the chair next to Robert Jeffery's bed.

"Make it quick, I've got things to get to," said Jeffery.

"Yes, although I'm not quite sure why you're in such a hurry to get to it.  What's beyond this life that you're so anxious about?"

"There is nothing after this life.  I'm just sick of life," Jeffery said.

The man raised an eyebrow.  "Nothing?  At all?" he said

"Don't try to convince a dying man of your beliefs.  It's a waste of your time."

"I wouldn't try to convince a dying man of my beliefs, only of something that I know to be fact," said the man calmly.

"Look," said Robert Jeffery, "Consciousness lives in the brain, which is kept alive by the body.  Once the body dies, so does consciousness."

"How many people have you told that to?" asked the man.

"Far too many."

"And how many believed you?"

"Far too few," said Jeffery, an old bitterness showing those three words.

"Then obviously they're seeing something you're not.  There is more than just a body and a brain.  How about a soul?" the man said.
"If humans had souls, there would be more people than just you and me in this r


"Having a soul isn't the same thing as having a heart."

For a moment, neither man said anything.  They only sat, watching each other and contemplating their next argument.

"There's no proof," Robert Jeffery finally said.

"It hasn't been proven that the dinosaurs were killed by a meteor and that the universe was created in an explosion.  You probably took those as facts though."

"That's science," replied Jeffery.

"What really is the difference between professors and priests, besides the texts they study?" challenged the man.

"What's your problem?" Robert Jeffery finally snapped, "Are you some religious freak determined to convert those who are weak, scared and dying?  Well look, it's not going to work. Not on me."
"Considering I have yet to mention a specific religion, that is unlikely," the ma

said without missing a beat, "Besides, there is one key point you still haven't noticed.  Your heart stopped beating shortly after I walked in.  How do you feel about the afterlife now?"

Robert Jeffery paused and listened for the beeps of the EKG machine, but they weren't there.

"I've just come to collect your soul," said Death, and he strode over to Jeffery's bed and lifted up his soul, what was left of his consciousness.  

Robert Jeffery looked over Death's shoulder to see his empty body lying lifeless on the bed as they left the room. He wondered how long it would lay there until someone carried it too away.

Assignment C for my CSSSA application. "Write a two-person scene in which one character tries to break through another character’s stubborn sense of reality."
cretsya Featured By Owner May 21, 2011
this is really quite interesting.
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Thank you.
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