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No writer becomes successful by herself.  The solitary act of writing can only be perfected by the communal act of critique.  Yet, unfortunately, few writers have the opportunity to form that community with their peers and benefit from the criticism we all desperately need.  We learn what we can from the experts.  A lesson in imagery comes from Robert Frost, in tone from Edgar Allen Poe and in simplicity from Emily Dickinson.  However, each writer has her own style and her own approach.  No two are the same.  My love for writing free-form poetry can only be shaped so much by reading Shakespeare's sonnets, and my tragic stories cannot be formed purely from what Poe's horror stories have to teach.  While each of these writer's have created noteworthy and truly beautiful work, a writer can only reach her true potential by working with those who have a critical eye and a talent of their own.  A month may be all it takes to form these bonds while beginning the journey of success through criticism.  Four weeks is all I ask for to have the opportunity to learn from my work, the work of others and the act of working together.

My personal statement for my CSSSA application.
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May 21, 2011
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