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The Priest



Player meets this aged freak in an old, half devastated chapel. As time passing by, this place is slowly turning into ash. Congregations are long forgotten, as people lost their Faith in God, and only infrequent visitors resting their weary bones from time to time here. But Old man still looks after the place, and spend his days in endless prays to the Lord, begging him over and over to have mercy, and put an End to the Mankind’s Agony. He opens the secret passage to Catacombs, as the Player convinces him that he managed to keep the crumbs of Faith, deep inside his Heart. 

He also gives you a Simple Brass Watch, with words: “Take this, since the time stopped… I have no use for it anyway. But I feel that it’ll got handy at some point of your journey” You stare at frozen hands, beneath the ice of cracked glass. It shows 20:20. You twist the crown, it’s ticking, but the hands are still frozen…
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Wow, just love your work.