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Oh my! It is a portrayal of a nightmare! Now you need the Symphony for Large Orchestra and Female Voice by Vaclav Felix to bring that dark atmosphere to life.

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Ok. I have seen these pics a few times and I gotta know. Is this a game? Is it a book? Is it a movie? Is this an original story? I love the art and I love the style, but I wanna know, please? Kitty begging Bunny Emoji-80 (Pretty Please) [V4] Puppy Eyes Begging Dara - Please 
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Stay tuned for more info ^^
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I absolutely love the lighting and the mysterious atmosphere! great job
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i want to go to there
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FUCK. I love your work!
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I love the mood in this
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Mood is great.  Love the mysterious giant stones or whatever they are - strong story and that subtle hot firelight works great.  
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You art though :heart: So wonderful, such a pleasure to look at ! Keep it up :)
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Amazing scene! Beautiful painting!
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Amazing piece for the colors and for the mood ! That is GREAT !
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Really cool!!
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I'll add to the other comments that the choice of color really helped with the athmosphere. Exellent work. Truly inspiring :)
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This is just sooo good!
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Many Thanks!
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Great atmosphere and contrast. Well done :)
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nice job love the colour
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