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Pintsize Plushie

I made Pintsize from Questionable Content in plushie form! He was super fun to make, though his mouth *did* give me a bit of trouble.
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Sep 9, 2007, 12:13:44 AM
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Heh, thanks. ^_^
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Haha, thanks.
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THIS. Is effing awesome!
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now that I got that out of my system: Omg I love Questionable Content! and Pintsize is like one of my very fave characters! I wish I had one >3<
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heh, thanks. He was actually pretty easy to make. His head and hands and feet are just a tennis ball pattern. ^_^
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yea thats what it looks like, he turned out really well and I wish I could make one:glomp:
OMG that is so CUTE!!!!!!!!! I love Pintsize and QC
his mouth just causes trouble everywhere :)
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He's a special one, alright.

Smart, though. Peanut butter totally works!
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Mein gott, that is epic.
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Heh. Sorry, I didn't make a pattern for it. I just kind of made things up as I went along. Any circle on his body is from a tennis/baseball pattern, though.
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Well that's a better response than I was expecting. The way most people on the internet have been treating me lately, I was half-expecting a 'lulz not unles u gotz 50 bux fag!!!'
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No one on the internet is real.

That said, I recognize that I can't sell my Pintsize (or a pattern for him), because that would be some sort of copyright infringement... or something. *shrugs*

For the record, he's "life size." That is, his head can be palmed by a man (as has been done once or twice in the strip). If you really want a pattern, I can at least knock out the dimensions for ya. Let me know. ^_^
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haha, why thank you, sir.
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you have achieved what all QC readers dream to achieve.
or at least what I want to achieve. Thanks for stealing my dream! :D
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haha, you're welcome for stealing your dream.

Glad you like the little bugger. He likes to try and eat cake mix. Then I throw him in the washing machine. Silly plushie robot.
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I want one for my couch.
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haha, thanks. I'd make 'em to sell, but I'm not sure of the legalities of selling characters I don't own...
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