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Hello, guys!
After a long time, I finally upgraded my account! And I came full of news! In the last 3 years I've been working insanely on a very special project that will soon be released! I still can't say anything about it, but it is a beautiful graphic novel, in which I have been developing three different styles. And to improve my work, I have been studying and producing a lot, also in my free time, and it is these arts that I brought here. I uploaded approximately 50 artworks that I produced this year and last year. So most of these, are just stydies, but it shows a bit of my current level. And I'm bringing another novelty too: soon I'll be starting a small personal project (a comic book of about 14 pages) that I will show the step-by-step process. You can check it all here on my dA, as well in my instagram (@ caio.rob, and who knows also a channel on Youtube! I'd love to record videos talking about how I think a page and show every part of my process: from script to colors.

Oh, and I've also been busy with anothe magnificent project: I'm working as actor for a theatre play in my city, a classic text from Henriq Ibsen "An Enemy of the People", that you can only watch if you live in Maceió-AL. But I'm also working on the graphic design of the play, and I'll submit here the artworks I've been done.

That's it for now.

Let's go!

Olá pessoal!
Depois de um longo tempo, finalmente atualizei minha conta! Imagina se eu iria deixar meu velho deviantart abandonado! E vim cheio de novidades! Nesses últimos 3 anos venho trabalhando insanamente em um projeto muito especial, que em breve será publicado! Ainda não posso falar nada a respeito, mas é uma baita novela gráfica, em que eu venho desenvolvendo três estilos diferentes. E para melhorar meus trabalhos, venho estudando e produzindo bastante, também no meu tempo livre, e são essas artes que eu trouxe pra cá. Fiz um upload de aproximadamente 50 artes que produzi nesse ano e no ano passado. E venho trazendo outra novidade também: em breve estarei inciando um pequeno projeto pessoal (uma HQ de 12 páginas) que irei mostrar o passo-a-passo do meu processo. Vocês podem conferir isso tudo aqui, no meu instagram ( @caio.rob , ) e quem sabe também um canal no youtube!

Ah, e também estive ocupado com outro grande projeto: estou trabalhando como ator para uma peça teatral em minha cidade, um texto clássico de Henriq Ibsen "Um inimigo do povo", que você só pode ver se estiver em Maceió-AL. Mas também estou trabalhando no design gráfico da peça, e vou colocar aqui as obras que já fiz.

Vamos que vamos! 
Hey there!
As you can see, for some time I haven't updated my DA. But that's for a good reason for sure! I'm producing a high amount of work and as soon as possible I'm gonna post a lot of new stuff! Seeya :D

E aí, pessoal!
Já faz um tempinho que não venho atualizando essa página, mas é por uma boa causa! Estou produzindo muito e mal posso esperar para trazer várias novidades! Vai ser massa ;)
Hey, fellas!

Last month I attended a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) via Coursera about 'Comic Books and Graphic Novels' (
The most important assignment was Making our own Minicomic.
I already knew what I should do, once I'm working in my Comic/Graphic Novel for a long time, then I resolved to create my Minicomic based on my  authorial Comic Book. Obviously I had to change some things, but kept the characters and mainly the concept, the spirit of it.

In the course I received excellent feedbacks from my peers what definitely encouraged me to follow my goal to publish my comic.

The result of the course is the anthology 'Fine Line' which there's an English version and uma versão em português!

Hope you like!
After a while without updating my dA, finally I just submited some new stuff! In these five, six months I've done lot of samples, lot of comics. Thus I have stuff enough to update periodically this portfolio. Hope you like it!
Hey, folks!
I said in my last journal that I would submit pages of the comics that I'm developing, but due to many setbacks had to leave the drawing aside for a while, then not to stay without posting anything, I'm submtting three X-men's pages that I did, and that was the first time I drew superheroes. Soon, I'll post more recent pages.
Hi! I'm Caio ROB, I draw since my 4 years old. I never did a drawing course so I'm self-taught, and when I was 12 years old started making comics and never stopped until now. I've been done my own stories, where I try to develop some skills as a writer, penciler and inker, in short, all the processes of a comic book.  Here, I post a graphic novel that's I'm developing. First I posted a sequential art that I did on internet format a time ago. Now, I'm remaking that same sequence (the first pages of the comic) but in a conventional form, with a style much more mature and I'll post here each one that's just done. Well, I hope you like my art and if you want to critique or something like that, please leave your comment, it could help me so much, because I'm just starting my career. Or rather, I pretend to start one!