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Illustration for the book : " Crônicas RPG ".
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Hey Caiomm! 

I saw the comment of Doubleedge31 requesting to use the image for one of his songs.
I've come with the same question. Since he was allowed to use it for promotional use, I thought you wouldn't mind it if I add it to my video too.
In the video description there's a link to your page :)
Thanks a bunch!

This is the video:…
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this picture captures the viking essence brilliantly !
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wow.. this would make a great tattoo haha..
what would you say if a fan of your work actually got this tattoed on him?
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Hi Caio, my name is Gabriel and I'm a video game composer from the U.S. - I really love your artwork!

I wrote a song for my music demo that I would like to put up on youtube, with this artwork featured. Here is the piece:…

Is there any chance I can have your permission to use this artwork in my youtube video? I will not be selling the video or any portion of it - strictly for promotional use, and I would be happy to give you a proper credit on youtube.

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Hello Gabriel.

Yes, you can use it if it's just for promotional use.

I really love the song and I think it matches perfectly with the illustration! :)

I would love to hear more of your work.

Thank you for asking.
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Thank you so much Caio - it's an extraordinary piece of art! I look forward to continuing to follow you on deviantart!…

Let me know if you'd like me to credit you any differently!

Thanks :)
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nice music !
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muito muito bom!
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Brigado Lucas!!
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Simplesmente espetacular, Caio!! Parabéns!
Sucesso, brother!!! :iconbravoplz:
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Valeu Emerson! Muito obrigado!
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Por nada, amigo Caio. Seu trabalho é fantástico! Curto demais, cara!
Keep it up!!!
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A fight for real!
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