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Daily Deviation
November 3, 2014
The Kraken Spite by caiomm is a stunning dynamic digital painting! The level of detail and use of color is spectacular! This is just one of many stunning works from this artist's gallery.
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The Kraken Spite

"Kraken Spite" is the name of this viking ship. The creature is not a krake it's a water orm.

Interior illustration for: Ships of the Inner Sea.

©Paizo Publishing, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Thank you so much for the Daily Deviation!!!

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© 2014 - 2021 caiomm
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CatfightKing's avatar
Suicide leap FTW!?!? Wink/Razz 
I think they should have worked on it a little more, but if you can imaginary complete it as a lower case d and upper case A. They just edit them to look like a
Alghedi's avatar
wow, so much action!!!! stuningggggggggggg
Frankie-enstein's avatar
Arte incrível. Eu adorei! Parabéns Clap 
alithking's avatar
Awesome and cool art work, congratulations! Clap Shocked 
saperka99's avatar
Really powerful and dynamic. That beast is just beautiful, it looks like it could start moving any moment :D
AngelThrylos's avatar
Man she is going in! She doesn't give a damn!
simplymt's avatar
The detail in the dragon/orm is amazing!
MjP-70's avatar
Amazing work!
Nox-Sacera's avatar
Congratulations for your DD, you deserve it 100%
sphelon8565's avatar
Holy sardines, that's a brilliant great piece of art I'd say :happybounce: 
theartistisgod's avatar
Wow this was a crazy amount of work!! 
umbatman's avatar
awesome work, but wasn't it bad luck for a women to be on the ship.
i remember in class5 reading about this and that even in greek mythology, jason was considered to bring bad luck as he had a women on board. awesome work, great great detail but just saying.
jecoil's avatar
It was considered bad luck, unless she was naked.  That is why many ships had wooden figureheads of bare chested women on their bows.  This supposedly appeased the sea gods.
I bet one of the Vikings is shouting 'get back in the boat you crazy wench!'
very nice picture!
This is freaking awesome. It's inspiring me to keep trying to learn to draw :)
I was going to point out that that is a sea serpent but then I saw the description...
'Kraken Spite' is a good name for a pirate type ship!!
and also great action shot!
Kira192015's avatar
Very well done! 10/10!! 
Dragynn275's avatar
Someone's obviously a player character.
alithking's avatar
Excellent art work and epic battle, congratulations!
And who is the brave warrior ? The painting is amazing:shocked:
MetalByakko's avatar
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