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By caiocacau
Wolverine rules my friend!!!!!!!!!!

Painter X and Photoshop CS2.... I
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Someone is going to need a hospital visit. And that is if Wolverine is feeling charitable.
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You know someone's in for a world of hurt when those things pop out.
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lol... dat face! "I'm gonna murder your family!"
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so realistic!!!!Fainting Toy Freddy Chat Icon bender dance Blinking Bread Friend 
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Wolverine is awesome! He was so badass in Days of Future Past!
Just like "I gonna tear you in half!!!"
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I'm surprised Logan didn't get adamentium  grills. xD
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Just what I needed! Can you please help my group by joining it here: you art is the best!!
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Very awesome i just posted a drawing of it but have to say yours is far to great than mine 
One of the coolest superheroes ever!!!
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Very unique! Just posted a wolverine pic myself.
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looks good, would have been better if the eyes were whited out tho
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I am Wolverine, hear me ROAR!
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