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My Bio
:star:The 'Facts About Me' Meme!:star:

:bulletpink:General info:bulletpink:

-Name/username: Cainy
-Birthday: September 27, 1990
-Current age: 21
-Nationality: White as hell
-Current residence: NJ/DE for school
-Person I got this meme from:

:bulletpink:Favourite things:bulletpink:

-Favourite sea creature: Octopus
-Favourite type of vehicle: Horse
-Favourite time of day: Dinner time
-Favourite article of clothing: Ugly sweaters
-Favourite period of history: WWII/1920's/Ancient times
-Favourite word: Triflin'


-A country I'd like to visit: Iceland
-A talent I don't have but would like to have: Free-running
-A subject I wish I could take in school: Comic book making/2D animation
-A fictional thing I wish was real: Unicorns D:
-Something I want to do before I die: Travel, make a comic, eat my weight in bacon
-Something I wish had happened in a movie or book: I wish the gay characters in any book or movie would live and have a happy ending for once.

:bulletpink:If I were...:bulletpink:

-If I were an animal, I would be a: A cat
-If I were given the opportunity to go into space, I would: Send Ancient Aliens guy instead.
-If I were to develop a superpower, my superpower would be: Telekinesis; so I can multitask even more.
-If I were able to use a time machine, I would: Become a Time Lord.
-If I were an actor, my favourite role would be: Peter Pan.
-If I were able to meet my idol, living or dead, it would be: Rupaul


-A song that makes me happy: Easy Living by Billie Holiday
-A song that makes me sad: Skinny Love by Birdie
-A song I can't stop listening to: The Music Scene by Blockhead, Mykonos by Fleet Foxes, and Rattlesnakes by Emancipator
-A song I can't stand:…
-A song I like to sing: Anything by Queen or Gaga
-A song I wish I'd written:…

:bulletpink: Least favourite things:bulletpink:

-Least favourite food: Fish
-Least favourite chore to do: Cleaning the toilet
-Least interesting outing: I like outings of any variety.
-Least favourite hairstyle:…
-Least favourite subject at school: Trigonometry
-Least favourite season: I like 'em all!

:bulletpink:Love it/Hate it:bulletpink:

-Drama Llamas: Hate it.
-Reality TV: Hate it, but also secretly love it.
-Going to social gatherings/parties: Sometimes love it, sometimes hate it.
-Canned laughter/laughter tracks on comedy shows: Hate it.
-Coffee: NEED it
-Gift wrapping things: Love it love it love it.

:bulletpink:And finally:bulletpink:

-Do you like to daydream?: I always daydream. I'm daydreaming right now.
-Where would you like to be in a year's time? At an internship.
-Are you afraid of the dark? I need the dark to sleep.
-Do you like looking at the sky, night or day? Either!
-Did you enjoy the last movie you watched? It was Midnight in Paris, and yes.
-If you met a version of you from another dimension, let's say a fantastical, crazy dimension, what do you think your other self would be like?
They'd probably be normal since they couldn't possibly be crazier than me.


Favourite Visual Artist
Asif & Tomer Hanuka, Sam Weber, Toulouse-Lautrec
Favourite Movies
Mean Girls, Hook, Blade Runner, Jurassic Park, Shaun of the Dead, The Eagle
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Fleet Foxes, The Knife, Lemongrass, Emancipator, Feverray, Blockhead
Favourite Books
Game of Thrones, The Road, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Eagle of the Ninth
Favourite Writers
George R.R. Martin
Favourite Games
Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear, Assassin's Creed, Silent Hill, Dragon Age II, ICO
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
illustration, digital media, games, history, cosplay, rainbows and unicorns
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In an attempt to better organize my DeviantArt and my life, I've made a separate Tumblr blog for my sketches (since my other Tumblr account has just become one giant cluster-fuck of fandom reblogs.) So if you wanna check out my doodles and sketches follow me here: Sketch-a-Doodle-Doo My personal tumblr again is: Force-A-Nature I'm actually more active on my Tumblrs than I am on DeviantArt
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I'm sure you all know about the earthquake and resulting tsunami that devastated Japan on Friday afternoon. How it took an estimated 1,000 lives, how it displaced and injured thousands, how it moved the main land 8 feet and shifted the Earth's axis by nearly 4 inches. I'm sure you've all seen footage on the news, internet, as well as status updates on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. I'm also sure you've all seen the countless Deviations on the front page of DeviantArt tagged with the phrase 'Pray for Japan.' Now, I'm not a religious person. Never have been, probably never will be, but by no means does the phrase 'Pray for Japan' bother me. W
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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ERRYONE. HOPE YOU HAD A DAY FULL OF CHOCOLATES AND HEART SHAPED CANDIES. My roommate and I dressed up like idiots and handed out kitty and puppy valentine's to our art class. Also I changed my tooblooor address. It is now It's basically my art trash can/derpy picture dumping place. OKAY THAT'S ALL I GUESS. UM I JUST WANTED TO SAY HI REALLY. OKAY WELL BACK TO ART PROJECTS AND DOING COMMISSIONS LOVE YOU ALL! <3
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Your sketchblog linky doesn't work :c
Oh, thank you! I think I messed up the html code <:3c Fixed it! [link]
A watch? You crazy :U But oh so considerate~
Happy Birthday <333
hope u had a good day ;)