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MYO Mothbat Contest - Sith



Hey look something else not Pokémon.

JUST managed to get this in on time, so now that I've had some sleep I can upload it proper. XD This is Sith. She's supposed to be a kind of fortune teller or seer, using that crystal ball under her foot to peek into the future and see certain outcomes of events and shiz. I imagine she's cunning and intelligent, likely somewhat manipulative under the right circumstances, but she also has a gentler side, and an appreciation of life in general. IDK, her personality concept's sending mixed signals right now. XD

The contest is pretty much over at this point, but you can still check out the guidelines and other people's submissions here:

You can also take a look at my other mothbat entry here:

Mothbat species (c) bananamantis
Character and art (c) me
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The crystal ball clutched in her foot was a good touch.