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Yay! so MischievousRaven is doing an contest, where you can win the first available lorebellex! its a sub species to her quilldogs! (both are her species) !

My favorite dragon type is Hydrophius, because its a species that id be if i were a dragon! (Water Dragon/Morphian Morphiped). Its suits me, since i like to watch from distance and enjoy my time as possible in the water heh. Spring, is my favorite time of the year, not only because im a spring child myself but its the perfect weather too; not too hot(since i over heat easily), yet not too cold(even tho i dont actually mind cold that much). And well, ofc seeing everything starting to grow again, watching the ants go do their things and little leaves starting to come out from the tree branches huu <3

How can YOU enter?
simple! follow the rules below, that ive copied straight from the original contest post; Thawed Spring Dragon Lorebellex QuillDog CONTEST! by MischievousRaven

1. Make sure you're watching me(mischi)
2. Create a journal. In this journal, the following items need to be included: 
a. Information/instructions about how to enter (make sure you include a link to this deviation and/or mention my username so folks can find it!) 
b. You must ALSO include your favorite type of dragon OR your favorite thing about spring. This can be as short or as detailed as you'd like! 
3. Once you've created your journal, come back to this deviation, and in the comments below, post a link or thumb to the journal you've created.
4. Once I've seen your entry, I'll reply to your comment letting you know that your name's in the contest!

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