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Habits of my heart by Caiarchaos Habits of my heart by Caiarchaos
▲ Silhoux & Jackaluna ▲

One time Sapih was venturing trough her portal, when she found wisps, clearly trying to tell the silhoux something. So, the animal started to follow these blue souls, soon finding a pup on the edge of the rocky road. It seemed to be abandoned, since it was alone. The young pup raised her tiny head up and gazed to the eyes of the pupilless silhoux who watched the tiny creature quietly. It had strange aura and power in it. Was it jackaluna? its two tailed flipped in slight happiness, as if it already liked Saiph. The dark creature was going to leave the pup but it couldnt do such thing, could it? above the pups head was slightly glowing moon, that was almost half and half black and white. Sapihs heart ached. Would this pup need to decide her side too? like Sapih tried. What if someone evil would find the pup and make id bad? As the silhoux tought many things that could happen, the pup had risen and walken to the paws of the larger animal, tapping its long and sharp nails with a yip. Needless to say, Saiphs heart melted and it decided it would take the pup and raise it. It reminded her of herself, but it seemed to be much lighter and happier than Saiph herself. Maybe this was meant to be. Not often would wisps come and bring anyone to someone. gently the silhoux lifted the pup to her back, deciding to take the young one to the brightest place the silhoux had ever found, and raise it as its own.

▲ Sapih and the pup both belong to me! <3 ▲

Sapih is Silhoux, and the pup is Jackaluna ! both species was created by MischievousRaven
The pup is my newest baby, and she doesnt have a name yet eep! Im so happy i got her, and im planning on drawing these 2 more in the future ^^
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MischievousRaven Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
So amazing! <333
Caiarchaos Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018   General Artist
aah thank you! <33
BlackSa1lt Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018  Student Digital Artist
awww this is great and adorable, i really liked the little story <33
Caiarchaos Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018   General Artist
yey thank you! c: <33
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