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Metal X Gnome 3.6 compatible

By CAI79
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Metal X theme by Vyper adapted by me for Gnome 3.6

Additional stuff:
Metal X like theme for Text Translate extension ([link]):
Preview - [link]
theme - [link] (.7z archive. Unpack it to ~)
or [link] (put this file to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

Additional stuff added - theme for Text Translate extension (not included in main theme package, download links in description)

v. 1.4-5
Fixes for LookingGlass, thanks to bmh1980 for advice

v. 1.4-4
Some polishing :)

v. 1.4-3
Initial adaptation for Gnome 3.6
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I'm very happy that this theme is available for 3.6, now.

However, LookingGlass is unusable with the theme. With two small changes this can be resolved.

#LookingGlassDialog {
background-color: rgba(135,200,230,0.75);

.lg-dialog .shell-link {
color: #707070;

Maybe this is not perfect, but it makes LG usable. :-)
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Screenshot of LookingGlass in v.1.4-5 here - [link]

Hope You like it :)
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Thank You for advice! :)
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Hi, i use, and love, it. It would be great to have the same for GTK3. :-)
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Thank You!
I'm novice in linux and theming. Maybe sometime I can study GTK theming and adapt this theme to GTK3.