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CAI Simplicity Conky (1280x800)

By CAI79
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Just clock, current date and weather forecast on aluminium background

openSUSE 12.3 on screenshot

There are 2 wllpapers in package. Please, read the manual about settings for Aluminium 2 1280x800 wallpaper.
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Fantastic configuration. Sorry but i have a problem with your conky.
Look here:
Font Caviar Dream and Ubuntu are installed. Can you help me? Thanks.
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First of all - I see issue with ConkyWindNESW font, did You copy ConkyWindNESW.otf file to ~/.fonts/?
Copy this file and restart conky by command "killall conky" and start configuration again.

Second is wrong offsets in weather block. I believe that after font copying this issue must gone, but if I'm wrong, do the next step: You need some corrections in ~/.conky/cai_simplicity/weather/.conkyrc:
find "${voffset -88}" string and try to change value to -89 or -90 for example.
repeat the same with the next "${voffset -88}" string.

Also You can put weather forecast a little lower, just increase first offset value after "TEXT" line.

If You want to vertically center clock, open ~/.conky/cai_simplicity/.conkyrc, find "gap_y 270" line and change 270 to 382 (Your screen resolution is 1280x1024, right?) the formula is ScreenHeight/2 - maximum_width/2, for You: 1024/2-260/2=382

Last step is "powered by" sign.
First of all You can change openSUSE to Ubuntu, just open ~/.conky/cai_simplicity/calendar/.conkyrc, go to last line and change openSUSE to whatever You want.
After that increase ${voffset 575} value to set "powered by" sign lower.
Or You can totally remove it, just delete next lines:
# For Aluminium 2 1280x800.jpg
#${voffset 425}
# For Aluminium 1280x800.jpg
${voffset 575}
${alignr 50}${font ubuntu:size=8}${color2}powered by ${color3}${voffset -8}${font Arial Black:size=12}openSUSE

If it works, please share Your configuration, maybe someone else with 1280x1024 screen resolution like this configuration.

That's all

P.S. Please let me know if it works or not, thanks! :)
P.P.S Sorry for my terrible English :[
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First of all, thanks for the help. As soon as I have time I will modify the conckyrc with the options you suggested and will post all thing. Do not worry about the English, mine is worse than your ;)
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speedrackerHobbyist Interface Designer
Im having problems with with the weather forecast on this one. Any Ideas?? I have the forecast set up just like the last conky the Clock one with the pocket watch clock.


Also with this one it will not work with a 2 core computer only 4 cores ? Any ideas. Thanks ahead for the Help. this
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try to install curl from synaptic!! in opensuse i think is preinstaled in ubuntu no!!! so install curl and restart i believe 'curl' fix the problem with weather!
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Please let me know - did You still have an issue with weather forecast?
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This theme has no CPU-meter, no matter how many cores You have in computer.
About Your screenshot - just wait or change in ~/.conky/weather/.conkyrc all values in "${execi 3600" to "${execi 600", it will force weather check every 10 minutes.
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