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CAI Clock Conky for Ubuntu (1280x800)

By CAI79
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Ubuntu version of CAI Clock Conky ( [link] )

Clock is not just an image, it shows current time.

Screen resolution must be 1280x800

This version is for 4-cores CPU's

Ubuntu 12.04.2 on screenshot

2013-05-24: Fixed forecast issue, obsolete code removed
2013-05-20: Initial release
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If you have time, could you add a theme for 1600x900, too? Or explain a bit more detailed how to customize? It's not only the clock, also the rest does not really fit on the desktop.

It's such a beautiful theme, I would like to use it!
Works perfectly! Thank you very much!

Just one other question: how can I start automatically after log-in?
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press Alt+F2
enter gnome-session-properties
add startup script:
  name: whatever you want (ex. cai-clock-conky)
  command: /home/cai/.conky/cai_clock_1600x900/startup (change /home/cai to your home path)
  description may be blank
save it
that's all
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Ok, I'll do it, gve me a little time, something about day or two... :)
Great job but i have a screen resolution 1920x1080 (16:9) so my clock is not centered with the hour displayed by the conky cfg... how to have a wallpaper suitable with my monitor ?
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This configuration for 1280x800 only.
You can try to manually adapt it for other resolution by changing offsets in ~/.conky/cai_clock/startup
clock coordinates is in "conky -c ~/.conky/cai_clock/clock/.conkyrc -x 256 -y 415" line and voffsets in "~/.conky/cai_clock/monitors/.conkyrc" and "~/.conky/cai_clock/calendar/.conkyrc" files.
currently I haven't access to high resolution monitor, maybe a little later I can adapt this configurations for 1920x1200 & other hi-res...
Ok, thanks... I'll try it, but it would be nice to have a big resolution script... I can wait
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HiRes version is ready, You can download it from here: [link]
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wallpaper please?
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Original photo is here [link]
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It's in package
Look into /.conky/cai_clock/wallpaper/
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thank you!!!
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You are welcome!
I don't usually care about how my desktop looks apart from choosing a nice wallpaper (what for? it's going to be covered by windows most of the time)...

But this is absolutely gorgeous, congrats!
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yes one of the Best Conkys I have Seen made. Good Work!

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well done Bundy!!
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