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Timberwolf (Mad Cat) Mech Crease Pattern



Finished Model: [link]

The cockpit is built on a 16x16 grid from an elongated raised pleat box I mentioned earlier, with everything else built around it. Some notes on part placement:

Center of the cross shaped creases: front of the cockpit. Collapse/shape this first.
Bottom left and right: Box pleat to create legs
Top left and right: box pleat to create missile racks and terminate in short arms that come out from under the missile racks.
Those diamond creases near top left/right: Are actually the center of the square missile racks to the sides of the cockpit. This part of the crease pattern is much less than exact; this part may be a bit off, although these creases are not critical.
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I see the pattern, I've seen the final model, but how to get from here to there? :D