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The Complete Cartographer's Map Origami Series by Cahoonas The Complete Cartographer's Map Origami Series by Cahoonas
Origami based on pieces from the amazingly adorable Moonstuck Tumblr: [link] to show that these are in fact, possible.

Every model is folded from one uncut square sheet of paper. I used square sheets of sack paper treated with methyl cellulose. So far, each model has been made from 25cm squares though the more complicated models are typically made from a thinner version of the paper. I drew on one side of each square a rough analogue of the map with a sharpie. [link]
Now that the collection is complete, here they are together for size reference: [link]

Pieces displayed
Cartographer's Cap as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Hang-Glider as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Bathing Cap as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Cutlass as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Cloak (shown with hood down):[link]
Cartographer’s Sophisticated Lady’s Fan as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Binoculars as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Spyglass as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Comically-Oversized Oyster Shucker as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Conch as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Paraglider as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Couch as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Deerstalker as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Container as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Craft as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Cavendish as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Nursing Cap as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Crumpled, Jam-Covered Sticky Mess as seen here: [link]
*Cartographer’s Nightcap as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Ambassador Hat as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Super Duper Fancy Crown of Specialness as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Thinking Cap as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Episcope as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Fancy Dress Rose Accessory as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Kitty Hat as seen here: [link]
Cartomancer's Cap as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Knapsack as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Not-So-Rubbery Duckie as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Gatsby Cap as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Chicken Hat as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Gentlepony's Cane as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Cooking Pot as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Bathtub as seen here: [link]
Cartographermobile as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Land Suit as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Unicycle as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Carrying Tongs as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s I-Don't-Even-Know-What-This-Is as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Hat-Boat as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Surfboard as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Floating Island as seen here: [link]
Cartographer’s Muffler as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Coolest Shades Ever as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Cannon as seen here: [link]
Cartographer's Element of Courage as seen here: [link]

How they were made:
Cartographer's Cap - I used a variation of the instructions from here to make it compatible with square paper: [link] . Wear it with pride.
Cartographer's Hang-Glider -I essentially used two adjacent corners of the square and slimmed them down to make the hang glider handles. I gave it a toss; not aerodynamic at all. Instructions may be found here [link]
Cartographer's Bathing Cap - A straightforward exercise in crimping across diagonal creases. Don't ask where Woona sticks her horn.
Cartographer's Cutlass - I used instructions from here, with some slight variations: [link] . Beware the paper cuts.
Cartographer's Cloak - Designed and made in approx 1 hour; it was actually quite fun. The cloak is totally "functional" and was actually made hollow and wearable (if I had my own Woona!) through use of crimps and squashes. The hood (though a bit larger than is shown in the blog) is also functional and can be carefully put up or down with a couple extra creases. I've diagrammed my folding process here [link]
Cartographer’s Sophisticated Lady’s Fan - This was supposed to be a ridiculously simple design: pleat the paper and tie it off at the bottom, right? Nope, my silly brain decided to have some "fun" with this design and make it both not require the extra string tie and fancy enough to be worthy of Woona. Both ends of the fan were pleated and given slight reverse folds to give a ridge pattern. The sides of the fan are doubled over (width was halved) to stiffen the edges and give a sort of "frame". The tie at the neck of the fan was the trickiest part of the design; I managed to get it to stay together through clever combination of tab/slot placement. Instead of a string tie-off, the tie ends in what is essentially a glorified paper knot (with friction holding the whole thing together). The fan is collapsible, although the stiffness of the paper causes the fan to naturally open. The whole fan, tie included, is made from the same uncut sheet of square of paper. Crease pattern for the fan may be found here [link]
Cartographer’s Binoculars - Basically two adjacent paper tubes crafted from one sheet of paper. The paper was wet-folded near the end of the folding process so the paper would stay in a tubular configuration. It's functional; you can look through it, but it only gives you +7 tunnel vision. My folding guide here: [link]
Cartographer’s Spyglass - Really, its just a paper tube. Gives even worse +7 tunnel vision.
Cartographer’s Comically-Oversized Oyster Shucker - Self design; Essentially a blade wrapped in a handle. Features partial tang construction due to its long handle and a tapered end for shucking. Instructions here [link]
Cartographer’s Conch - There is a bunch of origami conches floating around the internet. None of them resembled Woona's conch enough, and so I decided to make my own (and now there's a bunch+1 origami conches on the internet). Interestingly enough, this is a non-symmetrical 3D model with a (almost) symmetrical crease pattern. The twisty ends were done similarly to Toshikazu Kawasaki's spiral folding technique used on his spiral snail shell. Blowing on this model produces nearly identical sounds to those made by Woona. Crease pattern found here: [link]
Cartographer’s Paraglider - Basically a repurposed sunken waterbomb base. I actually used a thinner version of sack paper to make the thinning steps easier. The para-glider is about as aerodynamic as the cartographer's hang-glider. Crease Pattern may be found here: [link]
Cartographer’s Couch - Hooray for (relatively)simple geometric shapes! Comfortably seats two ponies, or one lying down. Crease pattern may be found here: [link]
Cartographer’s Deerstalker - A hat with two brims is a fairly straightforward design. However, that tassel thing at the top threw a wrench into the works. I ended up rerouting one corner of the square to the top, and proceeded from there. The whole hat is at least 2 layers thick. Ego, you are forgiven. Crease pattern may be found here: [link]
Cartographer’s Container - A typical origami box. Put stuff in it, catch monsters, wear it on your head; the possibilities are endless!
Cartographer's Craft - A childhood favorite.
Cartographer's Cavendish - Instead of starting from a typical base, I just tried building the banana from the outside and worked my way in. It loosely locks together in the back and features 3 peel sections (the 3rd one is hidden behind in the photo). Designed to be color-change compatible. Part of a Woona complete breakfast. Crease pattern may be found here: [link]
Cartographer's Nursing Cap - Structurally similar to the Cartographer's Cap. Does not come with a nursing license.
Cartographer’s Crumpled, Jam-Covered Sticky Mess - Probably my most complicated creation ever. No reference points, just right-about-there creases. Evil jam not included. Crease pattern may be found here: [link] ...if you dare.
Cartographer’s Nightcap - Pretty much an elongated version of the cartographer's cap. For those cold nights on the moon.
Cartographer’s Ambassador Hat - The top portion resembled Robert Lang's fedora, and so I decided to start from there and altered the design accordingly. What I thought would be a straightforward adaptation ended with me changing most of the proportions. The go-to headgear for heated debates and/or shameless name-calling.
Cartographer’s Super Duper Fancy Crown of Specialness - This would have been a really easy build if I had used 5 separate squares. However, the challenge is to always use just one! I went for the "Burger King" style of crown, which is basically a long strip of paper rolled into a loop. This strip of paper was pulled from the square's diagonal with the extra corners were tucked away. Then I applied a water-bomb tessellation along the length to create the crown's points. Unfortunately, it packs away a lot of paper, making it a not very efficient of design, as well as the smallest cartographer's object to date. For the heads of royalty only.
Cartographer’s Thinking Cap - A simple cone. Engineered to facilitate creative and critical thinking.
Cartographer’s Episcope - More or less a manner of sticking a hoop onto a box. Getting the proportions to look right was a bit tricky. A fantastic educational tool.
Cartographer’s Fancy Dress Rose Accessory - No need to design anything with all the origami roses out there. I just went with a version of the Kawasaki tube rose built on a 12x12 grid. Also, here's a bonus that's-what-you-get-for-mocking-me version of the fancy dress rose accessory: [link] .
Cartographer's Kitty Hat Just a renamed origami crown. Make your own here! [link] (I folded down the rear crown point). The map markings just happened to end up in the right spots, hooray!
Cartomancer's Cap - So similar to the cartographer's nightcap that I almost feel guilty.
Cartographer's Knapsack - Considering getting long enough backpack straps was going to be the trickiest part, I pulled them from the top corners of the square and built everything else around that. Things just got tricky as the model became smaller and smaller. You're right Ego, this was a hard one. Features an open-able/close-able lid and functional compartment. Crease pattern found here: [link] .
Cartographer's Not-So-Rubbery Duckie - A modified origami swan. Apparently a shortened neck makes a duck. Paper duckie I'm awfully fond of you.
Cartographer's Gatsby Cap - Crimps galore, and a brim!
Cartographer's Chicken Hat - I'm pretty sure Ego drew this chicken [link] by Taichiro Hasegawa. However, this particular chicken required two sheets of paper and wasn't a hat. Instead, I just designed my own, first creating an open belly chicken model, and then crimping the bottom edges to create a round body what would conform around a head (turning it into a hat). It's a wear-able chicken! Crease pattern may be found here: [link]
Cartographer's Gentlepony's Cane - Pleat to get a long strip, reverse folds to curve.
Cartographer's Cooking Pot - An open top cylinder with the bottom of the pot placed at the square's center.
Cartographer's Bathtub - A glorified box with the corners routed to the legs. Goes well with the cartographer's not-so-rubbery duckie.
Cartographermobile - A bathtub, now featuring polygon wheels!
Cartographer’s Land Suit - Essentially a bowl with legs and straps built in. Since thru leg holes were not necessary(it's technically a walking suit, not a pair of pants), I pulled a bowl out of the center of the paper and rerouted two opposite corners of the square down and around to become legs. Don't ask me how it's supposed to walk.
Cartographer’s Unicycle - Box pleat everything!
Cartographer's Carrying Tongs - Pleated to a thin strip and folded at the center and ends. Some methyl cellulose applied to hold pleats together. Safety first!
Cartographer’s I-Don't-Even-Know-What-This-Is - Pretty much two angled pleats dividing the paper into three sections. It's a carapace you can wear on your head.
Cartographer’s Hat-Boat - A classic, this was actually the first origami model I ever learned. You can learn to make your own here: [link] ! Usually made with rectangular, not-square paper, I made some slight modifications to make mine square-compatible
Cartographer’s Surfboard - One corner of the square converted into a fin and placed at the center of the board.
Cartographer’s Floating Island - It's as easy as two crimps and some mountain folds to lock it together.
Cartographer’s Muffler - Simple boxpleat on a 9x9 grid
Cartographer's Coolest Shades Ever - I bet they stay on the face due to sheer coolness.
Cartographer's Cannon - Crease pattern found here: [link] Pchoo!
Cartographer's Element of Courage - An appropriately simple and elegant design. Pinched curved creases helps it hold its shape.

And Moonstuck finally reaches its happy conclusion.
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I was just browsing looking for origami reference and saw this as good middle level goal to aim for before more colors. Appreciate not only the effort in the making of each but also the quality description.
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i like that Kawasaki Rose Cartograph. its differed from Kawasaki Rose I'd mastered before. 
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This is amazing- I need to show my friend since he kept 'Wut'-ing every time Woona folds something
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Thanks! it was quite fun as a lot of the models were things I probably would have never thought to try, and as a result I learned much from it.
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i would buy it
Cahoonas Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist
But it's so much easier to make it yourself! You can cut squares from unwrinkled paper bags or purchase thin Kraft paper and cut it to size. Besides, I'm pretty sure Ego didn't intend to make merchandise for Moonstuck. =P
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unwrinkled paper bags...never thought of
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Besides, I'm out of evil jam."

Also, I cute-ed it off already.
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*stares in shock and awe for a good 20 minutes*
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Your mastery of the art could rival Woona herself. I tip my cartographer's cap to you, good sir.

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We got a new One, it looks like a Lunar Version of the Element of Magic Tiara.
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Happy: Yay, I'm going to complete the collection soon.
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Any chance of a cartographer's blivet? :awesomeface:
Cahoonas Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist
I made this a while ago [link]. Close enough. =P
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Out of curiosity, will you be posting any explanation on making the Cartographer's Coolest Shades Ever? Just curious, if not, that's fine. just wondering if I have to figure it out on my own is all.
Cahoonas Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist
Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be making diagrams for this anytime in the near future. Good luck, if you do try to figure this one out!
Vason-Silversword Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
Alright, thanks anyways. Keep up the awesome work, I know from not being able to come up with ANYTHING that it's hard. Or maybe I just can't predict fold patterns for my life. *Shrug*
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Cartographer's Hot-Blooded Sunglasses. ouo
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