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Princess Celestia

Designed and folded by me from 18" square of white Kozo (mulberry)

Here's my take on folding the best princess.

I had always figured I would eventually fold an alicorn, but knew it would be tricky. There are always a bunch of features I tell myself to build into a design whenever coming up with an original model, and the final outcome is usually a compromise on what I want, and what I am able to do. However, I got lucky with this model and actually ended up with some extra details. When I was allocating paper to the specific parts (4 legs, head/hair, tail, wings) I actually ended up some extra paper on the legs and a bunch of extra paper around the chest area. These I managed to fashion into shoes and a necklace though the necklace turned out to be a bit larger than expected due to paper layers (I'll try even thinner paper if I ever fold this again!). The mane and tail, I tried to mess with as little as possible; I wanted it to look flowing without too many extra creases detracting from the cleanliness of the model. Lastly, I always felt Celestia's large wings were often one of the most prominent features about her and wanted to recreate that here. Therefore a decent chunk of paper was given to that area and with some pleating and curving of the ends, I achieved large feathery wings.

I chose to use white mulberry paper as it had a soft fiber texture that I felt would go well with this model. Additionally, I always felt Celestia would look good as a pure-white model, and so instead ignored color changes for making the details look the way I wanted.

Crease pattern here: [link]
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WOW! Just WOW! Clap
This is truly inspiring!
I started doing Origami only last August and began to do some simple My little Pony origamis, but your origamis are really amazing and it is an inspiration to see just how much is possible with the necessary practice, patience and talent. Thank you for this insipiration!
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Please, can anyone send me a link how to fold from crease patterns? I really want to make a paperpony like this :3 also awesome job Cahoonas :)
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Crazy. just crazy.
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origami pony is best pony
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Great job! Been trying to do an alicorn for weeks--not necessarily MLP style though.

Where do you buy kozo?
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I am lucky enough to be living near a paper shop that specializes in origami supply.
Baltorigamist's avatar
Lucky! :D What's the website?
Cahoonas's avatar
This is the place: [link]
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I'm curious to know how you did the background. It looks so professional
Cahoonas's avatar
It's actually not hard at all. I just take a large (~20"x30") unfolded sheet of paper and hang it up by clipping the top edge to a box while letting the the bottom third lay on the table. The transition to where the paper is attached at the top to the bottom, where it lays flat on the table should be a gradual curve. I just set this up in a well lit room and take pictures using my point-and-shoot. I then crop out any background edges, and that's pretty much it!
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Awesome! I'm kind of curious about how you allocated the paper for this, since I have yet to find a flap arrangement for an alicorn (or any winged pony) that I am really happy with. There never seems to be room for large wings unless there is a lot of extra paper that has to be tucked away. Again, well done.
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It's pretty much wings:opposite corners, mane/tail:other opposite corners, legs:near midpoint of each edge. You're right, there is a lot of paper packed away in the body. However, I found that if the grid is folded neatly enough and with the right paper, the layers pack up just thick enough to fill out the body.
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curse these auto-emotes!
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This is so cool! did you make up the steps or follow instructions ?
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Thanks! I drew up and worked from a crease pattern to get a folded base. From there, I pretty much used scratch pieces of paper to test-fold each body part until I got something I liked. Then I recreated it on the base to get the final model. So yeah, it's a mix of planning of improvising.
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that's so cool! I am indeed jealous
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