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Fire Ruby Crease Pattern



Crease pattern for creating Spike's fire ruby (model found here: [link]).

Guide to using this crease pattern: [link]

I've grouped the creases into three catagories:
Mountain folds (blue): Prominent mountain folds that are essential to the gem's shaping
Valley Folds (red): Prominent valley folds for gem shaping. They pretty much exist only for the crimps
Facet creases (black): Subtle creases that define the facet edges of the finished model. They should be creased as mountain folds. They help distribute the curvature of the model. Some are purely cosmetic.

Note the white spaces outside of the heart shape and inside the crimp regions do in fact contain creases. I did not include them to keep the crease pattern cleaner. The creases here should be the continuation of the creases that make up the heart shape border; These creases are made as the extra paper outside the heart is tucked inside the model.

I recommend a large, strong, and thin sheet of paper for the model. A square of computer paper is possible but hard to close due to paper thickness.

For the intrepid: to fold from this crease pattern, these are the steps I recommend. Unfortunately there are not many reference points as many of these folds were done to taste
1) Crease paper in half horizontally and vertically. crease diamond (in middle of paper with red valley crease running through it)
2) Keeping the paper folded in half (top edge meets bottom edge) crease through all layers for precreasing, using bottom half of crease pattern as reference.
3) Precrease in this order:
---Central diamond shaped facet
---4 Crimps (from here on, the model will not lie flat)
---Heart outline (done to taste, will affect model outcome the most)
---Rest of the facet creases
4) Carefully tuck all excess paper inside the model. Make sure no crimps come undone. This is the most difficult part of the folding process due to progressively increasing paper thickness
5) Pop out the concave side to make model 3D.
6) Make sure all facet creases point out.

Edit: This is an updated version of the fire ruby crease pattern tweaked to better match the one shown in the show. The older crease pattern for the model in the gallery can be found here:[link]
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