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The spirit of chaos in paper form. Folded from 18" square Gold tissue foil, stands 8" tall.

Folding and collapsing the base took roughly 40 minutes, detailing and finishing took a bit longer. Given how it felt like chaos folding all the different parts, eyeballing all the proportions, and not having it come out looking horrible is somewhat of a miracle.

As far as I know, all of Discord's parts are there. He has 4 fingers on each hand, two toes on his reptile foot, and one hoofed foot. The pointy thing under his mouth looks like his single fang but it was actually intended to be his goatee. However, it actually looked decent enough from above perspectives that I just let it up to the viewer to interpret. The fact that his body parts change proportions quite readily in the show (especially his wings appearing and disappearing at will) meant I had a fair amount of flexibility in shaping this body and choosing what goes where. I'd only wish I had more paper to work with for his right antler, which doesn't seem to show up too well in this photo. Unfortunately most of the head region contains few layers and was a bit finicky, meaning I had to limit how much I made adjustments in the area.

As seen above, Discord is actually dangling on a thread (which I edited out). I find the red backdrop with the gradient quite sinister, and fits Discord quite well. His pose is similar to that of his beginning statue pose in the show

Crease pattern and design notes here:…

And a special Rockin' Discord for the person who prodded me to fold Discord in the first place.

Update: Refolded the model as a gift for a friend, hence the new photo.
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Am I the oly one hearing Eddie Murphy's voice here?
"No, no! DRAGON. DRAG-GON. I don't do the tongue thing."