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Discord Crease Pattern



Crease pattern for the spirit of chaos, Discord.

Discord's base is built on a 16x16 grid. Originally, I had planned for flaps (head, tail, 4 appendages, and 2 wings) but the proportions didn't work out. Instead, I pulled the wings from a inner section of the paper, as they didn't need to be too large, which allowed for more paper to be allocated towards the tail and the head (a requirement for his long neck). Successfully collapsing this base is just the easy part...

A note: a 16x16 grid is actually still too wide for discord; I recommend some body slimming folds during shaping.

Some reference pics:
The crease pattern, labeled: [link]
The collapsed base: [link] (the creases at the head are there, but not folded. As some parts of the head exists as only one layer of paper, it is delicate and finished last). Also, the crease pattern as drawn is not quite flat foldable; the creases around the wings may need to be settled.
I apologize for not being able to provide instructions for this piece; collapsing the base is a huge step that can't be broken down into smaller steps.

The finished model: [link]
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it looks cool, but i never understood the ionstructions when it's just the paper unfolded.