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Commission Informations blank

Some people asked me if they could use my presentation for their own one.
And since, yes, you can, well... here is the blank version!

It was made to be used as a deviantID and to fit with DA's current layout.

Now, use it or not, change it or not, have fun ^^
Credits would be nice.

Download & Informations

:bulletblack: Download the file here, on deviantart to get the .zip, inside you should have every informations you need to fill it in.

:bulletblack: If you can't open the file, here is a direct link to the .psd file :…
Plus here are some informations you might need :

All you have to do is putting your pictures and filling out every Text Layout name //like that\

In the case you don't know it, you'll have to save it "for web" instead of normal saving.
So you'll have to go to File > Save for web. And then take the preset "PNG-24", make sure
Transparency is checked, and that's all!


:bulletblack: The font used here are Bell MT and Berlin sans FB.

:bulletblack: YES YOU CAN CHANGE WHATEVER YOU WANT. I'm quite fine, it's ok, no need to ask for my permission, you've got it.

Now, Enjoy!

Live exemple

Commissions by Cah3thel
© 2011 - 2021 Cah3thel
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Couldn't download it since Zip file app has a paywall. Can this be posted as a link instead?

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Thank you! 😁

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I used the template. It was very useful. Much appreciated. :aww:

My Commission Table
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Thanks my dood :)

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Thanks my dood :)

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Thank yooooou! I'll post an update of the final sheet! You're an absolute lifesaver <3 <3 <3
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Commission Sheet by AthenatheWitch I used the template! Thanks for creating it, it was super helpful! <3
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Credited and linked back  Commission Information! (OPEN) by AloofFloof
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Wow that is great! Thank you for lettin us use it! :)

Used here:
My Commissions Info
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Hi, I've used your template and I modified it a bit. But I've linked your profile and this commission template ^^
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What if I dont have photoshop? :D I cant open .psd files, but dont worry, I think I know a way to edit it in GIMP
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i can answer that if you're still having trouble! can easily convert the psd into whichever file is needed! i use it alot for helping to convert my own files XD
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C'est interessant en effet :)

Cela compte aussi je fais des points Commision?
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Thank you for this~~ Used here:
Commissions Info ~ ::OPEN:: by OwlVirus
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I'm having a hard time getting the text to change on here. I'm kinda new to this stuff ^^; 
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I used this! ^u^

AGenderSelf's Commission Info by AGenderSelf
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Thank you so much, this is a wonderful template!
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I'll try this with my gaia and my secondlife.
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