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Feel free to say "hello." I'll definitely wave back, at the very least.

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Yoo! Are you alive?

Alive, yes. Not here much, since I'm not doing a lot of art at the moment and am keeping much of my writing for submission to the formal market.

How goes for you?

Boo! Sorry it took me so long to respond. Life threw literal gallons of shit down my throat through 2020, and while things seems to be looking up, I'm not out of the woods quite yet. There was medical discoveries and old neck and spine injuries I was able to finally get attention to, but I also caught covid and had non-stop time management crisis as well as financial ones. Even failed calculus III, so now I have to take it again. :stare: Although judging by how much math I'm doing now, I'll probably be able to shit triple integrals in the morning by the time I take it again. Oh whaii.... T_T;

Oh wow! For the formal market, eh? You must be getting close, then. Do you know what publisher's you're aiming for? And also, aw... sad to hear about the art. Though I'll look for it if you start posting it again. :D If I remember correctly, you had a button store(and I'm DEFINITELY NOT SURE I DO... :stare: ) Did it survive the tanking of the economy, if I may ask? I was thinking about opening an etsy store myself before... well, you know. (>_>)

Aw, so sorry to hear about the medical issues and other 2020 nastiness! So glad to hear that the old injuries are finally being attended and resolved though. Hoping that that single Covid infection will be your only one, and that you get some of the earliest vaccinations against the emergent strains. I'm part of the last group eligible for vaccination, so I won't be leaving my house very much until we're close to herd immunity here. It's a good thing there are parks near me, and enough space to grow a pretty decent victory garden.

Sirrah, Calculus II was what ultimately kept me from a physics degree, so the fact that you even got to Calculus III impresses me. I bet you'll kick its tail the next time around. What are you working toward?

My button enterprise unfortunately had to shutter before it really got off the ground, due to a sudden job shift. Better work, better hours, better location... less tolerance for side jobs. Ah well. I still enjoy making buttons and am storing what I've created, so maybe someday I will start it up again. Your Etsy shop sounds like a good idea-- what would you want to offer as staple? Would you be tracking your own taxable revenue, or would you have someone else to do that? Keep me posted, please! Excited for you, because no matter what, there is only such a thing as a dream deferred, not a dream lost.

My writing has been accepted to an anthology or two (usually for the year after I submit it, since apparently places are getting a lot of submissions right now XD), but the big thing in the market right now is "first publication rights," which means I can't have posted or published what I submit anywhere open to the general public. Most places don't want to republish something, since their margins could be damaged by previous publication. So... yeah. dA can only have what I am darned sure is not going to get published anywhere else, and that would be something significantly less than my best efforts. Not stuff I'd want to post.

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