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I actually made no new entry in my journal since I came back from GalaCon 2014 - I was pretty inactive on dA...

Anyways; GalaCon 2015 was interesting. Some things were good, some things were less good (no Art-Room ? What a shame...). Overall I think it was very positive. Made some photos and I hopefully can create a new stereographic image shortly.

Spend some time with :icondasprid: and got to know more about the troubles of wearing a pony-suit :D (Big Grin) - these people deserve some respect for their dedication. Also we bought the staff banner together - great success :happybounce:  (but :icongalacon: needs to get a real banner next year - what were they thinking ?! :| (Blank Stare) )

I only attended a few panels but :iconveggie55: did a really nice job of showing his way of working - turns out, no magic is required for making comics - but talent seems to be required Wink/Razz 

That's it for now - going back to my silent existence as a non-productive member of this community I am a dummy! 
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Glad you liked the panel, though I know that I can do better in time c:
And glad you enjoyed the con!