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Spitfire at the Dizzytron

** Download SVG from my [link] **

Spitfire at the Dizzytron

From MLP Season 3, Episode 7 - Wonderbolt Academy
(Show reference image: [link] )

This trace is from the scene where Spitfire announces the Dizzytron to the ponies.

I took some liberties when tracing, mostly with the hair. The strap on the whistle was moved a bit because it was not really supported by her neck in the original frame. I also added a complete tail and legs be referencing her other poses from the episode.

Color is taken from a color guide that was kindly suggested by someone - I sadly don't remember where to link to... :-|

I can't believe I really did this in one session... it's already early morning now... but it was kinda worth it.. :D

Comments always welcome!

:iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz: :iconnoncommercial1plz::iconnoncommercial2plz:

Made in Inkscape

MLP / Spitfire belongs to Hasbro

*edit 16.12.12*
I'm trying to see if I can play this by the MLP-Vectorclub rules, even if I am not (yet) a member:
- New high-resolution image (3k instead of 1k)
- Show reference image in

Also: I changed the whistle outline from black to dark gray - looks better today. Also fixed a very small glitch at the uniform. SVG Link updated (changed).
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i used in here :3

[ this :3 ]

thanks for share the Vector image ^^ 
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Really nice video! Like it a lot :D
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:iconcaptain-spitfire: What's going on!?
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Used here (wallpaper):
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Really interesting wallpaper work. The video was also very fascinating :)
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Amazing work ! I love the episode and it made me search for Spitfire-art and here I am. I love the work you did !
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I can see that this pony is wearing more than one outfit as revealed in the latest season of FIM.
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nice work but can you tell me what exactly a vector is?
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While I certainly could explain what a vector graphic is, a comment box on dA is not the right place for this. Let me just redirect you to the almighty Wikipedia [link]
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Thanks. I only made this one Spitfire vector so far - I guess dA tricked you with the 'more like this' :D
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Actually, I looked it up on Google! And then i found this! :D
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Great job on vectoring Spitfire *caffeinejunkie, I really love it:)
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Thank you! Always nice to get some positive feedback :D
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By the way, I used this for a wallpaper here: [link]
Mind if I use this for a small icon I'm making?
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Use it as you see fit - but keep in mind the proper use etiquette :D
If you use this in something you create and intend to share it (on dA or wherever you like) I expect you to credit me an appropriate way. If you just intend to use your creation only for yourself (avatar, etc.), then just go ahead.
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