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For the life of me I have no idea, what Chell was suppose to be wearing under the Aperture shirt. Some sort of extra long sports bra with a second shirt under it? Brush and ink on sketch paper
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nice drawing... who it suppose to be?

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If you go checkout a copy of his "Exploitation now" or "Babylon Jones" ( the prequel ) you will obviously see that his concept of a robo-arm girl ( gifted with an I Q superior of most super-scientist ) obviously pre-dates "Portal"

Jordan is basically similar to that profanity mouthing mechanic in "Dreamfall Chapters" ( nice looking game with overused character types ). Or basically that intelligent kid who grew up to be a mad scientist.

If would be so funny if Jordan was trapped inside some kind of simulator that tested her knowledge and then she woke up only to find out that Bush was testing to see how she would react. But only to find out it was also a simulator to know that Jordan was taken advantage of Bush. Getting bush from bush. Then later Jordan reprograms the simulator to escape her current situation.