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Little Witch Academia / Dragon's crown

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Yeah, I just can’t seem to draw comically huge breasts worth a crap without them either looking completely stupid, or not really comically huge at all.

I watched the Little Witch Academia ova thing after seeing people talking endlessly about it. It was nicely animated, and the writers did a very good job of world building with such a short amount of time, but god lord was it generic. Or perhaps I’m just bitter that we’ll never get a second season of Panty & Stocking since the animation team left Gainax and started their own company.

Also the Sorceress from Dragon’s Crown, because that little bit of recent internet drama was bloody stupid.
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I knew I wasn't the only one who got a sorceress vibe from Sucy
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Makes sense in context... those witches have too much "plot"…
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Wiz world hustler swap...
That's why I want them to make more episodes then just that one, to see if they would change it up or take it in a slightly different direction.
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Heh, I could imagine Sasa and from Slayers Naga walking by that Acadamy...
Then that night all the young mage girls find a surprising collection of potions and components and spell books missing, ANYTHING that could be abused to enhance the body, locked away by an older Matron type with a ready lecture for them!
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Great crossover ^^!
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That sorceress is paying Sucy's tuition :giggle:
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