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I’ve never really had archery show up much in Errant Story, as I intentionally avoided it with the elves and the rest of the world had already moved past it by the time the story started. Bows are pretty much a missing link in the world of Errant Story. The modern world has both magic and guns, so bows seem unnecessary, but before Farrel developed firearms they were in very common use. They still are in use in some places, just not in much military usage. The Trolls (the males anyway) still practice archery for hunting, but not so much for fighting other trolls, since an arrow just wouldn’t do all that much to a troll.

So… yeah, that’s why there haven’t been any archers in Errant Story. That, and they’re bloody hard to draw in action scenes.
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It's an awesome pic, and I always  intrigued where or when he was from in the Errentverse.  In my mind he seemed likely a Farrelians Mage from before guns became widespread or available at all.