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Hey, remember when everyone was so excited about Brave because it was Pixar making a Princess movie... before we found out that the end result of Pixar making a Princess movie was about the same as Disney making a Princess movie?

Anyway, this was another request from Hilary. not for this movie specifically but just 'pick a movie and design a poster for it'. I actually chose Brave because because I kept seeing it come up due to all that drama about the character's redesign for Disney's rubbish Princess line. In hind sight, trying to do this in pen was a mistake.

Frankly I don't get the outrage the Merida princess redesign has been generating. The redesign is just the result of converting her to the product line's own (god awful) art style. They couldn't very well leave her melon shaped cabbage patch doll head as is and still have her standing next to the slightly less deformed princesses, it would look awkward as hell. And at any rate, sparkly dress and bad overly airbrushed rouge aside, the redesign actually looks pretty damn close to some of the original non-cgi character designs of Merida.
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