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Sparkliness Brushes

The Sparkliness Collection includes:
*Rainbow animated sparkles *Colour-changeable sparkles
*Spiralling sparkles * Fairy Dust
*********& More************

I give permission to *BrushMakers to submit and display this work. ~BrushMakers
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Thank you so much!:love:

Thank you for the brushes :-)
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had to redownload computer went bang and know I'm back to get my fav brushes back thank you so much these sparkles are awesome
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I love these, thank you! :)
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Gorgeous! Gonna try the technique you used to make the word sparkly :)
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can i use this? if so, how do i install it on gimp?
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You need to extract the brush files (*.gbr *.gih) to the /gimp-2.8/brushes folder. This automatically installs the brushes next time you open gimp. For more detailed instructions…
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Wow totally using anyways How did u write that word making to sooo sparkly!
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To do that in gimp:
*create a new picture with at least one layer (best to use a transparent layer as you can add a background later without affecting the rest of your work)
*create text - this will make a text layer (preferrably use dingbat or joined up font)
*in the text dialogue click 'create path from text'
*in the 'layers,channels,paths' dock (layers dialogue) un-click the eye next to the text layer, then click on the blank layer.
*in the brushes dialogue, select the brush you want to use i.e. icing
*in the paths dialogue, click 'stroke path', then select 'paintbrush' to stroke the path and click ok.

When in doubt, muck around in gimp to see what works!!!
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Used your brushes here [link] Thanks!!
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Gonna try these for sure!
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These look beautiful!! x
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