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Red Hot Wildling Wedding

Jon Snow's genius match making resulted in this marriage of convenience: Sigorn, Magnar of Thenn to Lady Alys Karstark. He gets a noble Westerosi wife and a new home (honourably, which is very important to the Thenns who have laws and lords not to be confused with how the show portrayed them!!). She is saved from her grasping, treaturous, violent great uncle and cousin, and gets an army absolutely loyal to her to boot! Karhold gets 200 odd tough-as-boots people to help bring in the last harvest and to replace all (well some) of the prime fighters that went south with Robb Stark.
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One of my favorite parts from A Dance with Dragons (or at least among the Jon chapters). 

Yeah, the show got the Thenn's totally wrong. Almost as wrong as they got the Ironborn. 
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Or the Dornish!
This is fabulous. 
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lol that title tho! so funny
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I was going to call it My Big Fat Wildling Wedding then I thought Big Red Wildling Wedding as in Red God (but the realised it sounds like the Red Wedding when everyone gets killed!)Stupid Me! 
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haha cool, i wasn't sayin it was a bad title at all, it just made me laugh :D
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I know darlin :glomp:
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Aaawwww!!! I love it!!! I love those characters. Even though we barely know them in the books, their marriage looks like a happy one :heart: Thanks for drawings this!! (There are so few illustrations of them, I'm super happy to see I'm not the only one loving them!!)
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I love them too. Alys' wisecracks "Let him be scared of me" and "'till his blood is boiling," and that Sigorn is a big scary Thenn who seems to actually fancy her while being a shy goose around her.
(Thanks for the :+fav:)
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