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I know I'm not around much anymore, but this afternoon, it occurred to me that there wasn't a stamp like this, and someone needed to make it.

Now, before I get mass-attacked by a bunch of the aforementioned people, PLEASE hear me out.

This is NOT a hate stamp.

I repeat, NOT a hate stamp.

Ok, now, if you were to ask me my opinion on this sort of thing, furries, animal fetishism, etc., I'd personally say that I found it wrong, disturbing, and sick, and didn't support it, but that's NOT the point of this.

What this is about is people who AREN'T furries, but constantly get accused/branded/labeled as furries, for various reasons, some I've seen that are VERY trivial and silly.

So, this is more of a 'self-defense' stamp for anyone with this problem, so people can get it right and clear once and for all that, no, you are NOT a so-called 'furry', just because:

-You drew yourself as a Lion King character or something along those lines years and years ago when you were 10, BEFORE the 'furries' thing started, and now people have found it and are retroactively using it to give you problems.

-You sometimes like to draw cartoon-character animals in a completely CLEAN AND INNOCENT way, JUST because you like to draw, and happen to like cartoons (such as, like I said, for example, characters from old Disney movies and such), and it is in NO way a lifestyle, obsession, or maybe not even a regular occurrence, so you really shouldn't be grouped in with all these other sort of things, because you're 'just some person that draws stuff from their childhood sometimes'.

-You've EVER, LONG, LONG before the 'furry' craze started, done something silly and trivial at the time, like owned a jacket with cat ears JUST because you liked cats or thought it was cute and innocent, had posters of animals on your walls, had an animal-related nickname for some OTHER reason (example: when you were little, your friends called you 'cat' or 'kitty' because you *HATED* water), or make-believed to be an animal when you were a little KID, or anything ELSE isolated like that that people would seize upon now and look at in a MUCH different way.

-Anything else I don't know about or haven't mentioned that causes people to falsely-brand you as a 'furry', an 'animal fetishist', etc. when you *AREN'T* and YOU know it, no matter what anyone else starts trying to brand you with.

Maybe some people don't understand why even make a stamp like this, but it's gotten to where it seems like this whole 'furry' thing has become *very* conspicuous and out-in-the-open almost overnight, and as it has come out in the open more, I've seen more and more people both online and offline have problems with this sort 'wrongful labeling' thing over really small stuff, so I figured there should be a NOT-mean way for people to clarify that they AREN'T a part of it, if they should so choose to.

Anyway, that's all, and I promise, this is NOT meant to start fights or attack anyone--I may not like or agree with some of this stuff, but that doesn't mean other people don't have a right to it, as long as they don't make me be anywhere near it, or wrongfully label ME.

Also, as you can see, I've disabled comments on here, because I just know this one has the ideal makings to turn into a HUGE fight, online 'war', mass-bullying/flooding campaign, etc. and I'd really rather that NOT happen.

If you have anything to say to me about it, I'd prefer a note, in private, though be warned, I'm not likely to respond to hate mail, or mail that's sent solely to lecture me on why I'm NOT entitled to my personal opinions on this subject, why I HAD BETTER change my mind right now, why my opinions make me a bad person and such, or anything else hostile.

*I'm* trying not to be, so I'd appreciate it if other people could be non-hostile themselves.

After all, it was honestly that kind of pointless, extreme anger, hostility, hate stamps ('FUCK YOUR OPINIONS, NOW LET ME TELL *YOU* WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN'T LIKE/FEEL/THINK/BELIEVE, BECAUSE YOU SUCK!'', etc.), militant 'anti' campaigns about REALLY trivial things, etc. that finally tipped things over the edge with my deciding to kind of move on from here as soon as possible (though it wasn't at all the *only* factor), so I'd for sure not be wanting to spread any more of that kind of thing.


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