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I draw Porn Now
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About the artist known as: Caffeinated-Creator

I've had many names on the internet, my DA alias, is just my attempt at creating something unique of my own. As I am powered by coffee and tea, I take it upon myself, proclaiming my love for all things caffeinated, that I shall bring the happiness and joy of the bean and the leaf, to all living things... well.. all humans.. err.. all humans around me... okay; fine, just my own bloodstream. Its a start anyway.

I'm an easy-going, fun-loving guy; trying to be liberal, respectful and open-minded.

My professional goals are to create my own style with which to portray this world -setting and characters- that my long ongoing project "CLONE" is set in.
I have several projects going at once, but I am on DA to showcase my art and to invite my viewers on this personal journey of mine, making graphic-novels and designing stuff.

Capt. Caffeinated Creator: Powered by Coffee, Love and Pastries.



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I'm Opening up Comissions again

Tue Oct 9, 2018, 7:37 AM
Okay; pretty self-explanatory based on the title and all. Mainly, this time its less about the money and more to get a sense of if people are interested in getting stuff drawn by me at all!?

As for the costs of things and such, this is gonna be a sort of "name your price" negotiation basis - I reserve the right to turn a project down if the reward doesn't justify the time I'd have to pour into it to get the stuff done.

The end-product is going to be anything from a completed, base-colored piece to a completely, digitally colored painting. I won't be selling sketches alone because those are simply too crude and I have some gifts in the pipeline for some people, that I feel, it wouldn't be justified to charge money for simple sketches (this doesn't mean that I'm open to do requests though; I'm already bogged down with lots of personal projects as is) though as far as subject-matter goes, I'm open to draw anything but as with the prices, I reserve the right to turn down a project for any given reason.

I promise to always explain why I wouldn't take on a job though and I'm not gonna stop working on something until both you and me can be happy with the end product.

Anyway, that's pretty much all there is to it; I know things are a bit vague, but I wanted to start things off a bit light and easy.

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A Thank You to Stock Artists

Wed Aug 24, 2016, 2:13 AM
I feel this is long overdue, but I wasn't really sure how to properly thank the people who are essential to my work.

I'm talking about all the great people on and off of DA who provide excellent stock references of human anatomy.
All those models and photographers who go to great lengths to provide us artists with a wide variety of poses and lighting-references to choose from.
I salute thee.

For, though I have an extensive library (okay, I have five books really..) with photo references for various poses, that I can draw on for inspiration; here are some people I follow on DA for amazing stock that ends up in my inbox so frequently and gives me the most inspiration.


I would love to link back to every stock photo I have used of yours, but that is simply impossible because of my drawing process.
I tend to rely on more than one photo.. well, a lot more than just one photo, for a drawing of a human body and as such, the way I piece things together. I'd say its so rare that I find a picture I wanna use as a reference right off the bat, that it just doesn't happen. Also, I think that if I were to list all the references that go into any one drawing or painting, it would quickly become a cluttered mess of links, going to and from.

With also a special mention to;



...for providing me with awesome inspiration, not as much for poses, but for outfits and scenes in general and that is awesome.

You have my utmost admiration, thanks and appreciation though and I hope this little shout-out goes at least a little way to thank everyone who makes this stuff possible.

My other great references are the two great reference-books by Buddy Scalera;
Men and Boys: ISBN: 1581807589, 9781581807585
Women and Girls:
ISBN :1600613632, 9781600613630
-and- These great photo collections of classical poses by Mark Edward Smith
The Nude Female Figure:
ISBN:0823099911, 9780823099917
The Nude Figure: 
ISBN:0823032329, 9780823032327'
-and also the slightly humorous-
Hindsight: :ISBN: 103936882894, 139783936882896  (its by one of my absolute favourite artists; Boris Vallejo)

I recommend you all look these great artists and books up if you're ever stumped for how to draw something or just what to draw :3

  • Watching: Markiplier playing Oxygen not Included T___T
  • Eating: toast
  • Drinking: Coffee


My Gallery needs Moar...
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Type 4 Leviathan Drone
Leviathan class drones are among the most menacing and dangerous enemies of the Federation. Basically, any larger drone with range-attack abilities, can be classed as a Leviathan and the line is sometimes a bit fuzzy between what is and isn't considered a drone of this class. They are categorized into various types, depending on their hostility and their priority as targets, with Type 4 being the least offensive type and comprising of drones that generally can only fire a few volleys before having to retreat; their accuracy though, makes them very deadly if underestimated.

Type 4 Leviathans may seem to possess useless features as they have these odd, hinged jaws, but these are deceptively functional as all they are meant to do, is to anchor the drone to anything solid in its surroundings or, on to its intended target to increase its chances of dealing as much damage as possible.

This type is also the most numerous leviathan out there and can be encountered very deep in the oceans, it is a true submarine-killer.

My Gallery needs Moar... 

5 deviants said Designs
4 deviants said Sexiness
4 deviants said All of the above....
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Baby Groot thanks you for the llama :)
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thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks... i shouted
Mon Feb 6, 2017, 7:28 AM
Shoutbox needs some love so I'm shouting my own shout at your shouts because shouting makes everything better... apparently..! SHOUT!
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Thanks for the fav! (I would've put that in the Comments, but this way you know that I AM SHOUTING.)
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I like spaghetti sooo much.
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