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How To Register

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 11, 2018, 5:38 PM

This is where you register your HoloCoffees for the masterlist! 


- When listing the type, race, and traits to your HoloCoffee, please list the rarity. If you need help with this, just ask! We are more than happy to help.
- Post a comment on this journal only. All notes about registration will be redirected to this journal. 


- As soon as this masterlist opens, we will update it twice a week. Please keep this in mind! 

In order to register to the HoloCoffee masterlist, please comment below with this form:
Link to HoloCoffee: (must be an official HoloCoffee) (official Holos are: approved MYOs, customs, or HoloCoffee adopts) 
Current owner: @(yourself)
Creator: @
Art: @


Here are the links to all of our trait sheets to help you out while filling out your forms!

+ Ref Sheets + Traits +HoloCoffee Ponies are a closed species by Angel-Coffee and mckeekee. You do not have permission to make one, unless you are an admin or have purchased a MYO and/or custom slot.
Useful Reference Sheets
Coffee/Tea/Liquid Marking Chart:
Objects On Tail:
Type Charts:
Coffee/Tea/Liquid Placement Chart:
:bulletgreen: = common
:bulletblue: = uncommon
:bulletred: = rare
:bulletpurple: = ultra rare
:bulletblack: = adopt/auction only
:bulletorange: = illegal
You can use any liquid you'd like for your HoloCoffee, but these are just some guidelines to use for the liquid you choose:
- NOTE: Objects on tail mainly depend on the type you choose. (except for objects other than cups. Those are ultra rare and can go with any liquid.)
:bulletgreen: Hot coffee
:bulletgreen: Hot tea
:bulletgreen: Flavored w
  + Types +This is a list of all of the HoloCoffee types. ;v;
All HoloCoffees go by normal traits, but depending on a certain breed, there are exceptions that are worth taking a note of.
- This is the most common type.
- These HoloCoffees go by the typical traits: liquid mane and liquid tail. They don't depend on any element other than their liquid to stay alive.
- This type varies a lot in personality and in look. To tell the difference, pay close attention to their liquids and overall features. If they have typical traits including accessories, then they are considered normal.
- The only time HoloCoffees are considered the other breeds is when abnormal traits come into play, such as them being made of crystal or having frozen liquid.

- Common
- MochaFawns are made of chocolate.
Notable traits:
- No liquid in mane (common)
- Liquid in mane (ultra rare)


How To Use - Visual Masterlist

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 11, 2018, 5:13 PM

This masterlist keeps track of all of our official HoloCoffees! This masterlist tracks how many Coffee Beans and/or Teabags they have, their pets, treats, and who they belong to! To help things continue to run smoothly, please keep these things in mind! 

Golden Rule

- DO NOT MAKE SEPARATE COMMENTS ON ANY ENTRY! Your comment will be hidden. Only reply under the comments CafeSpecialties has posted. 

How do I register my HoloCoffee?

- To register your HoloCoffee, you must comment on the HoloCoffee Registration journal (coming soon!). As the owner, it is responsible of you to make sure your Holo child(ren) get registered.

How do I update their ownership?

- There will be a comment in your Holo's registration that says "Ownership changes." Reply to that comment to update the ownership, and be sure to tag the new owner for confirmation!

How do I keep track of my HoloCoffee's Coffee beans/Teabags?

- The same process above is now being used for transferring Coffee Beans and Teabags to other Holos! To keep track of your Holo's spendings, keep track of the "Bank" comment. Do not respond under this comment, unless you are transferring currency to another Holo. When buying things with Holo currency, please let us know whose account your deducting out of. 

Why is my HoloCoffee's owner listed as CafeSpecialties?

- When a Holo is listed under our name, it means we're not entirely sure who currently owns them, and we are acting as temporary guardians until further notice. This especially happens if you've deactivated your account. If one of your Holos is listed under CafeSpecialties, please note this account with proof of ownership.

My Holo's design has been updated. How do I update it on their masterlist entry?

- There will be a comment that's under "Design Changes." If you want your picture updated, or your Holo's design has changed, please reply under that comment with the new picture. Make sure your Holo's new photo is fullbodied

I need more assistance!

- If you have more questions specifically about the visual masterlist, please note this account! All other notes will be redirected to our main group.