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Goal:Help find a cure for Cancer
Current Residence: Canada
Personal Quote: "Until there's a Cure, There will be art"
Canadian Artists Fighting Against Cancer


Our Goal
    Our goal is to gather a community of artists together to donate some of their art to be sold, with all of the profits going to the The Canadian Cancer Society in a very similar fashion to how ArtistsForCharity have done to raise money for The Unicef.
    Our full intentions are to contact people in radio, TV & print to see if we can start a tidal wave throughout the entire country to help raise money through art.

Ambitious? I know. But it has to start somewhere right?


A Message from Michelle chelley815

WOW! It's been a while and I realize a lot of you have probably lost interest because of this. I do appologize (I've done this before haven't I? :)) This holiday season proved to be a very hecktic season! Just to let you all know what's going on so that you can understand the rate in which we will be going, Over this holiday season a LOT of very exciting/time consuming things either happened or began.
First off the season itself was the busiest I've experienced in a while, seeing my family and my family in law (kinda, more on this in a moment) multiple times to get them all in.

I also became engaged, which is INCREDIBLY exciting, but time consuming without a doubt as I have to meticulously plan a wedding on a fairly small budget (So if you have tips or ideas, I'M OPEN TO THEM! Just note me on my personal page chelley815) for next January.

Plus I was made aware last friday (When I fully intended to re-start this project, but got delayed once again) That I was to be returning to school this monday that just passed! The school thing was rather out of left field for me, I was under the impression that If I got approved for funding that I would be starting on the 19th of January (Leaving me plenty of time to prepare for school, and get this rolling again), however in my meeting with the company that's funding my return to school they made it aware that I would infact be starting school on the 9th... To say the least last weekend was a rush, between bridal shows and getting mentally and physically prepared for my return to school after a 5 year hiatus.

I do hope that this will help you understand that we will be continuing this project without a doubt, but It might just take a little longer than orriginally anticipated! :)


CAFAC needs you, we are still on the search for your work, and other Canadian's like you. We need you to refer us to everyone you know, and ask them to do the same. We have an amazing start to our membership list but just a few more names will boost our status and help us in our quest.

So in closing, Welcome to 2006, lets work together to make this a year for new beginnings and fantastic achievements in the name of helping others!

Hope to hear from you all.

Michelle chelley815

PS> Submissions are still welcome, PLEASE contact me chelley815 at anytime to let me know of any peices you would like to add, and don't forget to check out our submission procedure [HERE]

A Message from Kayla feetpeet
A Message from RedBeanViolin

Who we are, and What we do

Michelle chelley815
:bulletred: Community Founder
:bulletred: Recruiter
:bulletred: Public Relations Guru
:bulletred: Submission/Contribution specialist

Kayla feetpeet
:bulletred: Head of Internal dA Guest Relations
:bulletred: Journal Comment Guru
:bulletred: Chat Guru

:bulletred: Head of External Guest Relations
:bulletred: Guestbook Guru
:bulletred: HTML specialist

If you have any questions that relate directly to any of these topics, please contact the Admin who specializes in it directly. If you have questions regarding journals, or anything else not directly related to any of these, please send a note directly to the community, and one of us will get back to you (Depending on who gets it first)


External Community Links
|Donate Directly to the Canadian Cancer Society|
|The Canadian Cancer Society Webpage|
|CAFAC's Guestbook|
|Email us|


Internal Community Links
|Submission Procedures|
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