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Challenge of Wives 5

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Katherine remains on Sasha's belly as if it were her throne turns towards us with a malevolent look as she shakes her hand the bikini top like a trophy and teases my beautiful wife demolished and destroyed "I thought you tougher but you're a worthless slut"...."I really enjoy beating arrogant girls like you who think they are superior , I'm too Woman for You.......whore!!!."

Kath gets up and Adam goes to meet her and hugs her happily for her victory while I am pitied on the sofa unable to move, then I get up and lean on my beautiful wife to make sure that she is well though she faints.

My exotic Queen has lost... I'm desperate, I was afraid that the bad blonde would choke her with the bikini top.....luckily she it stopped.

Sasha in the defeat however is magnificent.....I immediately took a picture that I will look at continuously..... I love her and I love seeing her lose..... She's sublime and I am tremendously excited.Heart 

Sasha recovers after about ten minutes completely shocked by the defeat and I see in her eyes a great doubt about its value.....I fear that Katherine in addition to demolishing her has destroyed her self-esteem.


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Thanks a lot;)

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Monk412New Deviant

Nice! Very hot :D

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Me too:)

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The-Sandman-2017Hobbyist Photographer

Great story! I love a sexy defeated wife!

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The blonde fought with great determination and fighting spirit, so she deserves the victory!!:)

Beautiful as she clenches her teeth.

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Yay. Blonde wife in victory pose on beaten loser... Great picture
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