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iFluxyII for Win7


Hi there!!^^

Well, I'm just too lazy for descriptions. Just let you to know, this is the next version of my iFluxy theme. Some changes have been done such shadows, taskband buttons & many moar.
Hopefully it's satisfied your needs=)

Have a nice day!!

Get the wall here:
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How is anyone even getting this theme???? Every time I try to open it it crashes out. I right click the exe file, say 'run as administrator' and then awhite screen shows up and an error pops up that says there was a problem with the script and it closes out, or just sits there as a white screen with an off white box in the middle of it. I really want to try this theme but seriously??? I can't even open the stupid thing because it crashes.
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I couldnot activation this theme wihte my net!
what can i do next ...
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Saw this on a couple websites for theme design and loved it at once! Thank you!
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To start IDK much about these things, but seems like a shady product. Makes you watch one of those adds that give u viruses.
how to center the icons on the taskbar?? im a newbie please be nice thanks!

I tried to copy into my THEMES folder but I get a request for "Password"... what should I enter?

Thank you :-)
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That installer ruins all the excitement I might have had when I saw this. I don't care for changing the explorerframe automatically or anything but the normal .msstyle and I want full control over its installation (manually).
activation success,, but no theme installed.. :(
why ?
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can I use it to make my Eleven VS ?
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why can i see any ads ? i can't install it ..
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can you choose some other default font? 'cause it doesn't look good in Chinese . Just Segeo UI would be ok..
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I hate the random transparent bar under the main thing itself. :(

Also! I want it darker!
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sorry, my mistake, found it :)
thank you
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what do you do after activating? no theme nowhere. ran as admin, now what?
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what's the password for the stupid RAR? Yes I called it stupid :P
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whats the difference between iFluxy (semi-normal),(semi-minimal),(full-normal) and (full-minimal) ?? :P
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