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Newest Updates:
*WindowText color changed(mouseover conflict solved)
*ButtonFace color changed
*ProgramList listitem recorrected
*TaskbandExtendedUI changed
*TaskbandExtendedUI mouseover changed
*TopFrame margins recorrected
*Navbar band height readjusted for non-addressbar version.
*Address & Search box renewed
*Popup Submenu Renewed
*Header color changed
*Tooltip margins recorrected
*Previewpane image renewed


This is the final version of Terranova Beta[link]. Much appreciated for your help, ENJOY!!^^


Pack Contains:-

*Themes: TerraNova themes(Without Addressbar & With Addressbar)

*System Files: Explorer(32bit & 64bit)

*Notes: Installations Guide/Copyright Note /Several Important Notes

*Preview Image


Installations Guide:-

To apply the theme,

1. Copy all the items in the folder 'Theme' to c:Windows\Resources\Themes
2. Then, right-click on the desktop & choose 'Personalize'
3. Choose the 'TerraNova1' or 'TerraNova2' themes in the 'Installed Themes' section.

Notes1:After applying the themes, please makesure you've set the window colour to 'slate'/dark makesure this theme work perfectly to you.

Notes2: Please move the original system files first before proceed to the next step. Move it to a new folder in the desktop.

Right-click, take ownership for the original system files.For the explorer, just copy it into the folder windows.

Right-click, take ownership for the original system files.For the explorer, just copy it into the folder windows.

Notes:You're advised to make a backup of your available\original components before replace them with the components provided in the pack.


System Requirement:-

*Now, this theme available for both Windows 7 64-bit\32-bit.

*Makesure you've installed a good graphic card to enable transparent part to be seen



Now this theme working fully in both Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit, ENJOY!!

Another Links:-

Author's Website:[link]

Author's Gallery:[link]

Watch Author:[link]

copyright ©caeszer~2010
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Where the Download link :\?
may I know what's the name of the font that was used in this theme? 
please let me know guys... TIA
Is there any way to remove the auto hide/popup menu thing in the explorer?
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I know this is probably my fault but after installing this theme by following your instructions everything stopped working after I rebooted my laptop, I mean it was working fine until then but after it couldnt find explorer.exe and some other stuff which basically wouldnt let me use the interface at all therefore having a pretty fucked up laptop, how can prevent this from happening or what could I have done wrong? Im on windows 7 32 bit btw.

Thanks in advance
I suggest that you should install first Universal Theme Patcher because some ".dll" need to be patch for the theme to work perfectly. 
I have the same OS & this theme works perfectly fine on my laptop
where's the download link
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Just one question - why make a version without address bar - doesn't it make the ui unusable?
You can't see the address, so unless you have a very good memory, navigating in complex directory structure can become a pain.
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how to downlaod it

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Your theme was featured on [link] !
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Very very cool, I recently started downloading themes for my brothers comp, he absolutely loves this theme. It's amazing! Very good work :)

Also using this on Windows 7 Home Premuim 64bit. Something like Theme Manager (here on deviantART) is very recommended to install any theme really, it does the work for you. No need to go put any folder in the \themes. Works flawlessly. I'ev succesfully installed in on two computers so far, both running 64bit windows (both the theme and Theme Manager).

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please is anyone using this with win 7 64bit sp1.
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anyone using this with win 7 ultimate 64 bit, sp1?
I've patched the themes thing and installed it and everything but it still doesn't work. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, could you please help? I've been trying to make it work for 2 hours.
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hey, I'm relatively new to this stuff but I have figured out most of it. The only part I cant get to properly work are the icons. Any way you can possibly help me out? There might be something I'm missing
Hey dude, when I install this the only thing that changes is the desktop background, the rest goes to being Windows Classic.

The taskbar thingy works with aero things, but it still looks like any other taskbar.

Can you help?
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you need to patch system files


(btw, nice theme)
i had the same problem. You are the greatest person is the world. i was trying about 5hours and with your megical help it is done in seconds. thank you very much.......:-)
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Thanks for the link, i had the same problem :)
Hi C,

I used the instructions and copied, the files into themes,nowican use the terronova 1 but after applying terranova theme, the aero feature gets turned off and task bar goes to the basic version.

can you please tell me what im doing wrong?
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Hey Caeszer, I really don't know what I'm messing up, but I cannot get the theme to work on my system. Think you could do either a video, or a more detailed installation guide? I haven't installed a theme like this before. I have a pretty good understanding of other computer functions (I'm in the IT field ) Just haven't done this before.
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