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Newest Updates:

*Rightclick menu conflict solved
*Startmenu conflict solved
*TasbandUI Extended changed
*Theme with addressbar & non-addressbar
*Tooltip background changed
*TrayNotifyLayout & Monthcal footer changed
*Buttonface changed
*Fixed taskbar, 22px to 24px(no more double taskbar)
*Menu font colour fixed
*Window border transparent
*Startmenu changed
*Startbutton changed
*Taskbar changed
*ExplorerFrame updated
*Wallpaper updated
*Full 32bit & 64bit support

Notes:I had change major parts here, actually, this is how this skin should be done from the beginning. I put its concept clearly with a new wallpaper.


Minimal concept with simple modification. Aero default themes edited simply & clearly with using simple resources in certain parts. I've change 50% of many important parts with a new resources made by my own. Anyway, I took about 3 days to finish this.


Pack Contains:-

*Themes: Splint theme

*System Files: Explorer/Shell32.dll/OobeFldr.dll/explorerframe.dll

*Notes: Installations Guide/Copyright Note

*Preview Image


Installations Guide:-

To apply the theme,

1. Copy all the items in the folder 'Themes' to c:Windows\Resources\Themes
2. Then, right-click on the desktop & choose "Personalize"
3. Choose the 'Splint' theme in the 'Installed Themes' section.

For the explorer, just copy it into the folder windows & the others just copy them into the system32 folder.
Then,restart your computer.

For the explorer, just copy it into the folder windows. The explorerframe just copy it to sysWOW64 & the others just copy them into the system32 folder.
Then,restart your computer.

Notes:You're advised to make a backup of your available\original components before replace them with the components provided in the pack.


System Requirement:-

*This theme now available for 32bit & 64bit.

*Makesure you've installed a good graphic card to enable transparent part to be seen



Now this theme working in both Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit


Another Links:-

Author's Website:[link]

Author's Gallery:[link]

Watch Author:[link]

copyright ©caeszer~2010
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para los que no saben como bajar le dan al icono que es como una flecha hacia abajo les mandara registrarse en deviantart y listo

como mierda se baja esto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alguien conteste, son pelotudos???
How to download, SIGH
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plz help... the theme doesn't change everything...
here's a screenshot [link]
I´am now trying de Theme //
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good work, but the organise button is hid by default. thanks.
ilnanny's avatar
awesome work!
i download this theme but this is in rar file format,please guide me how to install this theme.
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Well, I think this could be helpful: [link]
i got tis theme but it is in rar file format,i want to instal this but how? plz help me......
simple and nice...

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Great work ! But is it possible to change the font color to white ??? because I can´t read anything on the dark backround......I mean the Foldernames and stuff...

I tried to change that via rightclick and Themeedit but it doesn´t work....

Another problem is : When I change to "Detail view" the folderbackround turns YELLOW !

Any Idea how to solve this ?
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m8, make a single txt on how to install your theme. Mention uxtheme patcher as well. One readme that has 3 steps and afterwards instructions on copying files makes it confusing on what should one do first, and copying files is step ZERO (0) then 1,2,3. Also there is that other readme that mentions some previous steps that even haven't been mentioned anywhere. It is VERY confusing. I figured it out on my own but I needed to use system restore once since I f**ed up my windows7. ;)

PS. bring back transparent taskbar and remove that horrible outline around taskbar buttons or at least make it gray (AAAAAA grey, or if you prefer RGB ~ 190/190/190)

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having a little bit of a problem with the theme :/, the back and forward button seems to have not changed, plus the close, minimize, looks enlarge, is this a bug coz of my high resolution ? 1920x1080 is my resolution, is there any fix for this?
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not sure, screenshot pliz..
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very good theme man, awesome! +fav
i never get tired of it! :D
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