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Leopard Graphite Icon Pack


This icon pack was done in photoshop & axilias. With a simple modification of the default pack, softly I made these icons to give people more choices & much satisfied with their own desktop. I've include PNG & icons file which works in both OS:Mac & Windows.



*35 Leopard Graphite PNG files(512x512 px)

*35 Leopard Graphite Icons files for Windows

*35 Leopard Graphite Icons files for Mac



*Windows XP & later



Hope u'll like it, comment are welcomed!!=)
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Very clean and distinct icons I love the way these look

Awesome, thank you very much.:)

Very nice! Thank you!
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Icon. Great!!
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I need your permission to post this in xda-developers as this can be useful to many .... and i will post this for ur credit ?
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Thanks, love them!!!

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You have a .PSD example ? i would change all the icons on my Mac
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Thank you so much :)
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of course we like it!!!
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thanks for stealing mine and Thvg's work and editing it with photoshop [link]. Im reporting you now thanks a lot.
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sorry xD i thought those were my icons.. was on the wrong tab... really sorry man :D
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ive stolen nothing all of these icons are made by my own hand take a closer look before you blame me for something i didn't do
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in that case, nice job!
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this is really pretty! im using it right now, hopefully you'll make a second pack for common icons like VLC, Photoshop, utorrent, etc. I really wish you would, I would be so grateful!
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he stole the icons [link] and gave them a bit of gradient and inner glow with photoshop.
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