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Hello Everyone!
I manage to upload this theme tonight. This theme I suppose to upload last month..but due to some many works and programs, this theme cannot be finished perfectly. BTW, there were 3 other themes has been delayed last month. Well, Feel free to ask & comment..=)

For the CAD, that's not mine. But you can download it here:[Link]XD
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how to download this? :( past half an hour searching for "download" button...
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I want to try this theme....
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Nice song choice... SECONDHAND SERENADE!! WOOO!

Nice theme too ^_^
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Yeap, among my fav song!Thanks!=D
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mantapla kaizer... ak ad send note kat ko...
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Baru buka td..hehe
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I LOVE your icons! May I ask where they are from - did you make them?
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can you make an xp version of this thing? i would love to use it! :D
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oh, okay... Just try... :D
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Hey. It's a great theme, but one little thing.

Could you tell me how to change the font of the systray-clock back to Segoe UI?

I've searched through the whole appearence-options but couldnt find anything. So I think this option is saved in the msstyle?
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Yes, definitely in msstyle..
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I've finally found it. Thanks for your great work. I love it
Wow, nice!

Im using this. Can you share cad and ave icons?:D
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wow,,Very beautiful.
Love your wallpaper. To share it?
Thank you.
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