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Vegebul Zine - Snow White 2/2 by lovelykotori Vegebul Zine - Snow White 2/2 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 37 25 DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 40 by lovelykotori DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 40 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 39 38 DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 36 by lovelykotori DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 36 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 46 27 DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 33 by lovelykotori DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 33 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 50 45 DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 32 by lovelykotori DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 32 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 33 10 DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 31 by lovelykotori DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 31 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 33 11 DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 29 by lovelykotori DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 29 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 32 14 DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 30 by lovelykotori DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 30 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 51 27 Please harder... by lovelykotori
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Please harder... :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 31 7
DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 27 by lovelykotori DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 27 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 39 50 DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 25 by lovelykotori DBZ (VegBul): Proof of Love - Ch. 9 Page 25 :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 30 14 Hierarchical Pose Editing by mattymanx Hierarchical Pose Editing :iconmattymanx:mattymanx 22 6 Just married~ by lovelykotori Just married~ :iconlovelykotori:lovelykotori 55 21 My Iray Skin Texture Setting v1.2 by zniman
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My Iray Skin Texture Setting v1.2 :iconzniman:zniman 135 31
dForce updates and you!
I was thinking about doing a tutorial on how to update older clothing items to dForce, but it turns out Mada has already done a really great one here:
The only thing I think she might've left out is that you don't need that little weight map token saved, it's only there for editing purposes.  You save the weight maps by re-saving the clothing to the library (this will save your altered material settings as well).
There's also an option now that when you save a material to library, you can save just the simulation settings, so you can apply them over any material of a given item.
The fact that the clothing has to be fully resaved to update the weight map means I can't do a lot of free dForce add-ons for different things as I'd hoped, sadly, but it's not that hard for anyone to do, so please give it a look!
I'm not allowed to offer a dForce item in another store or as a freebie for 60 days, until the day after Christmas to be safe.  I do want to offer Daz a couple of things I'v
:iconsickleyield:SickleYield 86 62
my shitty geometry mask tutorial by thejpeger my shitty geometry mask tutorial :iconthejpeger:thejpeger 16 8



I have posted a sample story! Check it out!

So, I’ll explain about myself and how I got here. My name is Tomoko Kamikawa, I’m 12 years old and I’m a Roku born in Meikei on Planet Gozen. I have elemental magic and I have 4 elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. This is rare for my kind; Roku children inherit their magic from their parents and I didn’t inherit any of my parents’ magic. What’s even stranger is that even if a Roku has elemental magic, they usually have only have one, two at best. The problem is that I can’t get angry or upset or else I’ll lose control. I was born being chemically imbalanced. So, when my power was awakened at age 4, my parents were worried that the power would destroy me. So, on my fourth birthday, my dad gave me a magic bracelet that he made himself. “Always wear it” he said. I found out later that he created it to suppress my negative emotions. At age 6, I took more interest in magic since I was experimenting with my powers. So I asked my parents if I could attend SpellPaige Academia once I finished grade school. I told them that I was up for the task. So, for the next 6 years, I worked hard, fueled with determination.  On the last day at home, we took a picture at the front of our house and the shuttle showed up. I waved goodbye to my parents and told them I’ll call them during the week. Just like that, my journey to Spellpaige began.

So, here I was, at the entrance ceremony of SpellPaige Academia.  SpellPaige Academia is a top school for magic users (all kinds of magic users) located in Honesto, on Mahojo 6; the planet where magic and technology co-exist.  All the technology, from the hover cars to the vending machines, are run on computer chips embedded with crystals. Later that day, we were assigned dorms to live. When I got to the room, I found a humanoid girl with blonde hair, forest green eyes and tan skin making her bed. Looking at her side of the room, it seemed liked she was finished. The girl looked at me and said, “Heya! The name’s Cynthia; Cynthia Annabella. If you want, I can help you set up, Ms. …..”  “Tomoko Kamikawa”, I completed. “That would be most helpful.” I continued. It took about 15 minutes, but it was finished. I added my portable radio and memory box for the finishing touches. Exhausted, I said, “Well, we are done and just in time, too; the welcoming party is about to start”, and off we went.

 I turned in early, I didn’t feel like talking to the other girls. As I lay down to sleep, the only thought that kept going through my mind was “The journey of Spellpaige is just beginning. The real surprises are still ahead.”

I was in class 1-B and the teacher came into the classroom. She was a woman in her late 20s with sky-blue hair and blue skin. “Morning class, I’m Hiromi Tsuru. Call me Tsuru-sensei; I’m the science teacher and your homeroom teacher”. The lecture was about the physics behind magic and how it affects the body. She also explained that modern medicine has no power over ancient spells. She demonstrated it on a petrified butterfly, tried various types of medicine from different planets.  We noticed that the same thing happens; nothing. However, when she applied a drop of a magic potion on the butterfly, it was flying freely and Sensei caught it in a jar.  The bell rang.

“That concludes today’s lecture.  Your magic art class is next, your art teacher will be with you momentarily. See you later.”   After she left, the art teacher came in. He looked like a 55 year old man. He had pointed ears and had body markings that looked like tattoos. He ushered the students into the art room and introduced himself “I’m your art teacher, Fuya Gori. Class, having an item to channel your magic, whether it’s offense, defense or healing is very important. If you don’t, you will drain your life force, which is very dangerous.”  He showed it by breathing fire at nothing in particular, and got exhausted very quickly. “In class, you must come up with concept art of the item that represents who you are, show it to the class, if it’s up to my standards, you make it. You have 15 minutes to draw your concept, start!”  The 15 minutes passed quickly. I was last to present my concept.  “My concept magic item is Coral Fish,” I stated. I explained that the magic staff will have the head of a fish and the end of a fish tail and the staff will be made out of a special coral. The teacher seemed to like it. Gori-sensei explains that the making of some magic accessories is very tricky. Since the methods to make them have been long forgotten.  “Normally, making your magic accessories would take months, if not longer. Now…” he steps to the side to show us a machine, “thanks to magic 3D printers, the process will take minutes. But you won’t be using them until tomorrow. For now, gather your materials for your accessory. Make them carefully, any flaws will cause the accessory to disintegrate. Trust me, I know from experience.”  The bell rang. “That’s it for today’s lesson. I’ll see everybody tomorrow” Gori-sensei said, dismissing the class. Professor Pippen was next, after the break.

I was reading a book at my desk. I was so engrossed in my story that I didn’t notice Cynthia walking up to me, that is, until she slammed her hands on my desk. “Why are you reading a book? This is break time, Tomo-chan.”  Said Cynthia. I replied “Reading puts my mind at ease. More importantly, why did you call me Tomo-chan?”  I said, raising my eyebrow.  Cynthia calling me Tomo-chan set off an alarm in my head. I thought to myself, “Impossible. The only person who calls me Tomo-chan is one of my best friends, Princess Vanessa Aporia. But, I haven’t seen her since my family went to Konchū 6 when my father went to visit the royal family. And that was 8 years ago!”  I brushed off the thought and not let it bother me too much. The day went by quickly.

By the time Professor Priscilla Pippen was near the end of her lecture on the ancient history of Planet Sebek, the last bell rang. I spent the rest of the day walking around campus, until I saw Professor Pippen having trouble carrying her things. I took some of her books and she replied, “Thank you for your help, Ms. Kamikawa. I’m sorry for taking you off your path.” “No problem” I said. “Besides, I was heading back to my dorm which is in the same general direction.” We were putting the last of the books in the trunk of her hover car when we heard rumbling. At first, I thought it was an earthquake, until we saw smoke coming from the nearby park. Horrified, we ran to the principal’s office. We burst through the door and saw a bunch of teachers gathered around her desk. “Principal Speckledwood, we have trouble! There was a bombing nearby.”  I exclaimed. “I know, that’s why I need to make an announcement. Professor Pippen, gather the rest of the teachers for an emergency meeting. Ms. Kamikawa, get to the gym at once and tell the students still in the building to come here,” instructed Principal Speckledwood. I certainly didn’t need to be told twice. Seven minutes later, the students walked anxiously into the gym. We saw Principal Speckledwood at center stage. “Students, your attention please. There have been reports of an explosion near the school. This is an emergency. We’re going to activate the quarantine protocol; nothing can get in or out. Tsuru-sensei will be instructing you and keep order. We’ll send in security drones and guards. We’ll update you if there are any other developments, but for now, the quarantine protocol is now in effect,” stated Principal Speckledwood.

For the next 15 minutes, we stood there in the darkness of an unlighted gym. No one dared to talk, for fear that some supposed invaders might discover where we were hiding. Time seemed to have stopped. Looking around the gym, I knew we all felt it; terror! I wished I could read my book to manage my anxiety. Nearby were some upperclassmen that were twitchy and ready for action - any action. But I noticed that Cynthia was sweating, like she ran a marathon. And she was hyperventilating. I stood up and grabbed her hand. I gripped her shoulders and whispered, “Cynthia, do you know what’s going on?”

Welcome to SpellPaige Academia (short version)
Something I had for a while. Comment.<da:thumb id="4694854531843681"> 
I was thinking about writing an Original story sometime next week. Keep an eye out.


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